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Zach James Douglas - 'Even As The Knife Went Through'

On the rise, Zach James Douglas once again captures the essence of the feelings we have somewhat felt in life within his sophomore single, 'Even As The Knife Went Through'.

Hailed through the oaths of South Dublin and having first-hand experiences from past ventures, Zach works alongside vocalist Saoirse to pick out the reminiscent of Grimes and Maribou State but twist and turns into their own productions of glitchiness, synthetic yet natural sound that contrasts through a story of anxiety, love, and depression.

As they explore the mental state of someone who has been hurt, Douglas added: "It details the intimacy and trust issues that a person develops within future relationships and how despite being the target of such abuse, they still tend to carry a sense of guilt and a deeply hard-wired love for their ex-partner."

With his work slowly gaining the attention of many, Zach James Douglas will soon be on a stage near you.