youngdumblovers - '07960771268'

An introspective offering from YDL, a British hidden collective who explore the inner minds of society through a dark yet dreamy within '07960771268'.

Through a unique long-digit title, YDL latest single holds a deeper meaning in the oaths of production that we have possessed over lockdown as we are confined to the four walls whilst staying true to ourselves.

Weaved between the downbeat vocals alongside flourishes of warm acoustic beats, YDL modern twist on Hip-Hop is splashed with the intricate touch of alt-pop. As listeners, we are travelled through the loneliness of someone's mind, but the bleak lyricism resonates with the closure we want but can't quite reach it; in the fight to say we are doing alright. Among the vision of the art and subject material from rising collective YDL - the secretive identities explore the feelings we all ignore, showing vulnerability and genuineness to their work that connects them with others.

In all words, youngdumblovers is a complex yet intriguing set of people that are showing talent in which is finally catching the eyes of critics.

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