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Wynona - 'Real World'

Following the release of their debut single, rising duo Wynona continue to enjoy the oaths of success with the indie-pop cut of 'Real World'.

Finding their sweet spot in their creative output whilst based in Osaka, the bedroom pop partners Natalie & Rich, now based in the UK, display a new taste of playful soundscapes that are too hard to ignore throughout their second instalment, 'Real World'. Written amongst the turbulence of the past year, Wynona forwards their emotions throughout whimsical, driven melodies, undertone by moody guitars and bought together by mellow vocal tones.

Poking fun at the cliches we are surrounded by, Natalie noted: " On ‘Real World', I'm celebrating all aspects of my personality, even though they can sometimes conflict and contradict one another." She added: "We all struggle with identity and authenticity, especially at a time when we put ourselves on display for all to see and for others to judge. This song is for anyone who feels like they don’t fit into any perfect mould. It is okay to be anything, all things and nothing all at once.”

With a run of singles due before the end of 2021, Wynona drive to reach the top is evident in 'Real World' as they present themselves as frontrunners of one to watch.