Why You Should be Listening To Tulliah

Hailing through Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, 19-year-old singer and songwriter Tulliah is gracing us with glistening songs that delve into the peaks and troughs of what it means of age as a teenager.

Photo Credit: Simon Eeles

Growing up through high-school Tulliah found comfort in writing music and continued to hone the craft that saw her immerse in the magic of her debut single 'Company'. Following on from her exams, the artist launched into a summer of non-stop music and touring which saw her support the likes of Amy Shark and GRAACE.

As she continues to allow listeners to examine the real topics of the youth such as mental health struggles, relationships and even the fall out of friends; Tulliah is back with her latest single 'Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)'. With detailed honest songwriting that flows alongside unique soundscape, Tulliah falls for someone who isn't good for her.

Starting as a piano ballad called 'Imagine', the single went through a range of lives before forming as the final piece of 'Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)'. Speaking about the single, Tulliah said: "I remember the exact moment when I sat at the piano and the first verse flowed out of me. I felt like it was something special even at its earliest stage." She added: "I wrote the song about falling for someone who you know isn’t good for you, but you still go there - one of those bad decisions!" Produced alongside Dean Tuza, Tulliah latest single is a stunning return of raw aesthetic productions.

With a gift of her own, the rising star is just at the beginning of her career.

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