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Why You Should be Listening to The Blue Stones?

Canadian alt-rock duo returns with their emphatic sophomore album Hidden Gems, and we think you should be jumping on the bandwagon.

Formed by Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier, the rising duo have gone from not knowing who they are to finding a route down alternative rock that's led to a plethora of success. From their debut album Black Holes to sharing the stage with the likes of Welshly Arms and Reignwolf, The Blue Stones are trespassing a new path within their latest album Hidden Gems.

Based upon the centre of self-confidence and accepting your strengths and weaknesses in life - listeners travel between ten songs built on rock production layered with the hint of R&B. With each tack resonating sonically and lyrically, the pair offer a sense of vulnerability yet keeping to their traits. Speaking about their latest project, Jafar added: "Even though some of these songs sound different at the end of the day, we stayed true to who we are as The Blue Stones. Even if the songs border on a different genre, you’re still going to get us because it’s still us writing the songs and performing the songs. We have a vision that we’ve been focused on since we started this band, and that hasn’t changed. I want the fans to really enjoy and with these songs."

Opening with the perfect introduction of diverse sounds within 'Lights On' that give off Royal Blood-Esque production with the infusion of their unique soundscape, The Blue Stones kick off with their rock hit 'Shakin' Off The Rust'. As they keep to their identity yet become more redefined, listeners can enjoy a smooth, funky vibe with the flow of swarming drumbeats within the likes of 'Careless' and 'Make This Easy'.

Whilst the whole is one to be not ignored, thunderous 'Spirit' sticks out by far through its perfect blend of high-rise tempo with the flow of electrifying guitars. Above all, listeners end with a gentle tone of the bouncy indie-rock driven 'Oceans' that finalise the album.

As we're swept under the sweet tones of rock production that ceaseless in meaning, The Blue Stones are slowly making themselves as one of the most exciting acts out there.