Why You Should be Listening to Sabiyha

From her glistening debut single 'Choorile' to her latest shining example 'Do I Matter', South London based artist Sabiyha is heading in the right direction of becoming one to watch throughout 2021.

Growing up in the oaths of Croydon amongst a large family, Sabiyha learnt values from her matriarch 'Nanny' and her mother. "She was quite strong-willed when she was young, and whilst she didn't let me act out growing up, she encouraged me to speak up and have my own opinions," says Sabiyha; "She'd ask 'Are you a leader or are you a follower?' She was quite hard about that - she didn't want me to go along with what people were saying, and that's what has shaped the way I am."

Taking influences from the balance between her cultural heritage and the dynamics of Croydon, Sabiyha delves into the joys of music; that saw her initiate her career with 'Choorile' to the tender yet unrelenting 'Love Me Alone'. As she challenges a range of topical matter that comes from the heart of her own experiences and keeping to the positive outlooks of society through playful R&B alongside fiery vocals. Sabiyha latest single 'Do I Matter' is the perfect anthem to say goodbye to the ones that have hurt you.

Speaking about the new release, Sabiyha said: "This song is essentially calling this guy out on his wasteman behaviour. He gassed me to kingdom come at the beginning, then towards the end, would make me feel so small. By the end of the track, I literally exclaimed: “DO I CARE?” AND THE ANSWER IS Nah. I’m 100% over it fam! I couldn't be more over it if I was sitting on the moon, so boy bye.”

As she has rocked the pop scene throughout 2020, Sabiyha is keeping 2021 on their toes for her groovy yet intimate music that we think you should hop onto.

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