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Why You Should be Listening to Mae Muller

Following on from a zoom call with the one and only Mae Muller, I might have ended up growing a fondness for her as my favourite female artist at the moment. And I think you should as well.

23-year-old, North-London based singer-songwriter is full of sass and shade but continues to be an independent bad b**ch that continues to spread love and awareness for her fellow fans. Speaking about who she makes music for, she said: "Honestly I make music for anyone and everyone! But as a woman, I write for other young women, I write from my own experiences and, I want other young women to listen to my music and feel empowered."

Following on from her hit singles 'so annoying' and 'HFBD', Mae is embarking on a new journey as she prepares herself for the release of her debut EP 'no one else, not even you'. With her frank and relatable lyrics that empower fans intertwined with contagious pop production, the EP captures the joys and hectic bits of Mae's life in a flawlessly fitting way. Speaking about her upcoming debut EP, she said: "It shows a bit more of my personality and, all the different sides to me and I'm looking forward to seeing how people take it all in!"

As she continues to create powerful pop music, Mae is on the right path for a high future and, we can't wait to see what blossoms.