Why You Should be Listening to Blood Wizard

Frontman of Nottingham punk band Kagoule, Cai Burns and now known as Blood Wizard is back with his psychedelic single 'Fruit'.

Taken from his debut album 'Western Spaghetti' due for a release next year, Blood Wizard waves between vast rural folk and urban post-punk that blossoms beyond boundaries. As he continues to shape his individuality as an artist from his debut single 'Breaking Even' to his latest single 'Fruit', Blood Wizard is becoming a statement within.

With his third single to date, 'Fruit' delves into the secret resent you have for the people around you who are seemingly doing better than you as he sings: "Hooray to the big news, got my mouth around the spoilt fruit" in bittersweet vocals. Alongside the dark sigh vocals also comes indie-folk production of detailed guitar strings and raucous drumbeats. Speaking about the track, he said: "Fruit is a sarcastic "hooray to the big news" to everyone around you that all the good things seem to be happening to. It's about trying to keep it sweet on the surface and hiding the bitterness inside”.

As he prepares for his debut album, Cai's latest single demonstrates the beautiful approach he takes with his songwriting that is evident in his next work. Filled with crips hooks and witty storytelling, Cai navigates through music with a folk undertone of dark melodies and various textures.

From one band to his own work, Blood Wizard is embracing new routes of the music industry.

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