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Why You Should be Listening to Amber Jay

Liverpool-based rising star Amber Jay delves into the infusion of electronic alt-pop with the detailed production of indie that's led to her debut EP 'Never Too Far from a Dark Thought'.

From the start of her musical journey, when she picked up her first guitar lesson to the debut of 'Jewel' - Jay has shown no pressure for her approach to the world of music.

As she draws on the fascination of the connection of character narratives, Jay creates a route of experimental production that pulls onto the listeners' emotional chords as we’re waved in-between the journey she portrays within the emphasis of soundscapes that's helped by the personal, detailed lyricism. Speaking about her upbringing within the world of music, Jay added: "I would write songs at night, in the dark and on my bedroom floor forever in fear of my parents hearing me sing and asking what I was doing”.

But the main reason we are here talking about Amber Jay and why we think you should have her on repeat is due to the work of her debut EP, a five-track project that digs deep into her own personal feelings yet our own at the same time.

With the overarching draw on pop gems and dark bedroom secrets, Jay opens her account with the cinematic influences within 'Pencilled Brims', followed by the heartbreak tale of 'Stay the Same'. A unique journey of the ability to capture the deep emotions she possesses. To keep us intact, Jay throws 'The House', a psychologically driven piece of electro-pop that draws into the menacing yet raw feelings we face in deciding what to do with our lives and what decisions we shall make.

Whilst keeping to her alternative approach, Jay treats listeners with two unreleased songs - a nostalgic synth that opens the account of resonation through a more upbeat take on the world we witness in 'Own Way'. But close of with the honest and vulnerability, she shows throughout the personal touch of 'Person'.

Speaking about the overall EP, she said: “The EP just forced itself into the world. I didn't plan to make it but, after recording 'Stay the Same' it all made so much sense that this body of work needed to be made. I had a handful of songs full of heart and atmosphere that I knew I wanted to give out one day but, it felt like the universe took me and put me in all the right places to make them into the form they are today. The EP has such an energy and is packed with my personality and, a vulnerability that's scary and, exciting all at the same time. This collection of tracks has compacted into what I feel is a solid foundation that I want to grow and build upon as I go forward.”

Since gaining the attention of many, Amber Jay EP ''Never Too Far from a Dark Thought' sets a layered tone for the future of the rising singer-songwriter and one many will keep their eyes on.