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Why Should You Be Listening To...Voodoos

Emerging through the oaths of Scotland, Voodos are slowly becoming a hot topic within the music industry.

Following their remarkable 2020 and their first offering of 2021 with 'It's Your Life', the rising four-piece have made serious shockwaves throughout their hometown Coatbridge and spilling into Glasgow. With already catching the hearts of many Voodoos reach the stars with their latest single 'Easier Said Than Done' and cross the border into the horizon of international aspects.

Shadowed with the undertone influences of The Strokes and The Vaccines, Voodos fresh take on indie-rocks fulfilled with crushing riffs and soaring melodies. As they delve into the reflection and rare optimism of accepting things have ended, frontman Piero Marcuccilli said: "The song is about a wilting relationship. Neither person wants to admit it or talk about it, but warning signs appear, and deep down, they know it’s time for a change. It’s a song that evokes an array of emotions. Frustration, sadness and anger but also a sense of relief and hope for the future."

With their names plastered across summer festivals and 'Easier Said Than Done' being on repeat, Voodoos are becoming one to keep your eyes on.