Why Should You Be Listening To... Midwxst

Only 18-years old, a full-time student at Belmont University and now a debut EP Back In Action to his name, Edgar Sarratt III, aka Midwxst, rises from the underground into the world of the mainstream.

Following his two years of straight grafting on his craft and being influenced by artists such as Kanye West and Marvin Gaye, the Indiana native at first felt no sense in music, but after meeting an online scene of like-minded kids on Soundcloud, the versatile artist now boasts millions of streams across Spotify & YouTube and offer tracks fulfilled with candid lyrics and shapeshifting productions.

"I got tips and tricks from literally half of the people I follow on SoundCloud," he said. “They've given me advice and tips on how to be a better artist that I still use and apply today.”

Since the release of his hit single 'Trying', Midwxst elevates one step higher from every point of his career and finds himself unleashing the wonders of hyper pop and R&B within the works of his EP Back In Action. Though offering a soundscape, he described if he was listening for the first time, "I know how hyper-pop sounds like and it was my first time I’d probably be like, ‘what the fuck is this,’ but I’d eventually like it," Midwxst represent himself from one end of the project to the next.

"It's really just me talking my shit [laughs] I'm being 100% honest, being proud of the stuff that I've done, wearing pride on my shoulders, and letting out, letting people know what's important to me, why I make music, why I’m in this creative space at all, I don't have anything to prove."

Whilst enjoying the rays of his latest ventures, Midwxst, away from the studio, spends his free time like everyone else. Driving, listening to music, finding a new hobby and of course looking for new inspirations, one that's helped by his studies "Belmont is such a great cesspool of talent."

At the end and one that stays unforgotten from his conversation with Tyler the Creator, Midwxst noted, "Make the music that you want to make over everything else.”

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