Why Should You be Listening to... King No-One

Hailing from the ranks of York, King No-One are becoming the trio we didn't know we needed.

Whilst they've been compared to the likes of Foals to Everything Everything, the rising outfit are paving their own identity through the music scene with waves of crazy yet catchy alternative indie.

From hit single 'Alcatraz' to their standout EP OOM, the ever-growing band fizzed through 2020 and continue to storm 2021 with their latest release, 'Obsolete'. As they follow from the paths of the early noughties pop tendencies of 'Bad Porno', King No-One delve into the darker moments of life through the juxtaposed upbeat productions within their latest offering.

Though they take on a different sound, the trinity still undertone the unique staple soundscapes we have grown to love and said: "Fusing 00s R&B and 90s grunge, 'Obsolete' is about the pursuit of hedonism to mask the shame that depression can leave you with. And the first acknowledgement that you kinda suck and don’t want to suck anymore."

With a new chapter to their name, King No-One aren't stopping anytime soon with their UK/European headline tour just around the corner. Though they are famously known for rapturous live shows, you can sure expect some little surprises.

As we see the world open up again, King No-One cheeky charm infused with roaring indie will soon be rocking the world.

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