Why Should You Be Listening To... Junodream

Off the bat of their successes across 2020, British Junodream are becoming one to watch for their most ambitious work to date within their mixtape Travel Guide.

Consisting of five young chaps, Junodream continues to throw it back to the old-school influences of music and make fans go crazy with their latest project. As we follow their routes from their debut single 'Galactica' to now, the five-piece collective have been slowly gaining the eyes of critics and praised for their ongoing rise.

Whilst some have struggled, Junodream are flourishing within their music and appear with new ideas and sounds throughout Travel Guide. From the wonders of previous singles 'Let Me Breathe Again' to 'Eden Burns' alongside their new single 'White Sunday' - it is becoming harder and harder to ignore the talent Junodream possess.

Through the soundscapes of synth-pop, indie-punk and even prog, Junodream delve into the hybrid themes of the digital world we surround ourselves in and the transition of childhood to adulthood. Further, the band added: “Everything now feels charged with a doomsday atmosphere, like Y2K twenty years on. We wanted to capture that anxiety: climate change, advertising, destructive tourism, and paranoia. It’s a soundtrack to the end of the world. We’re also at that point where childhood innocence has almost completely evaporated, so being a bit cynical with nostalgia is really revealing. There’s a darker layer you can never be aware of as a kid.”

With the addictive soundscapes flowing between raw yet honest lyrics and keeping me in awe of what they have produced, Junodream are ready to take the next step.

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