Why Should You Be Listening To... Emanuel

Fast forward from his debut single 'Need You', R&B popstar Emanuel is becoming more than just a star in Canada with the release of his debut album Alt Therapy.

Mixed between the intersect of his previous EPs alongside the wonders of new work, Emanuel 12-track project is a stunning depiction of his past year.

Ushered by the addictive, silky vocal tones with the deep honesty feeling throughout his lyricism, Emanuel short year from the underground music scene to the top is one to celebrate, but his impressive talent is the one to keep your eyes on as he continues to blossom into a true star in the making.

Based on his life experiences as a backdrop, Emanuel delves listeners through an exploration of self-discovery. Contrasted between the emotions of grief and euphoric pleasure with the bridged blend of R&B and pop-jazz textures, Emanuel perfectly sets the tone with the opener 'Need You'. Written before the chaos of the pandemic, the piano-driven ballad yearns for the everyday feeling of someone who is in love. Honeyed by the possession of sweet vocal tones, 'Thought It'd be Easy' drips into the dreamy guitars, recounting sexual partners can never solve a problem and infuses into the funky groove of 'Addiction'. An upbeat track juxtaposed with the personal lyricism of the ups and downs of drugs debauchery.

With his upbringing heavily influencing his musical journey, Emanuel lead single from his second EP Session 2: Transformation 'Black Woman' is a joyful ode to the black women in his life and around the world. Followed by the intricate yet ravishing backdrop of orchestral productions, Emanuel taps into his own heart within 'PTH' and 'Magazines' through the neo-psychedelic soul that twists into roaring funky undertones.

Whilst his previous tracks sprinkles in excellence, Emanuel introduces us to new songs that delve further into the world state we have all witnessed. From the relatable 'I Need A Doctor' to standout tracks 'Pillows' and 'I Been', yet it's 'Worldwide' that catches our attention. Created in his producers' bedroom basement, Emanuel recalls a time when dreams were still dreams and catches the strokes of emotions through the hazy, jazzed up soundscapes that are heavenly flowed by the pulsating beats of modern R&B.

Depicted from one emotion to another, Alt Therapy is the perfect example of Emanuel's craftmanship as it rings between the ears of listeners and allows them to escape from their true selves.

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