Why Should You Be Listening to...Bash!

Southampton-based Bash! continues to storm the coast of the South and let the North know their powers with the nostalgic yet modernised power of indie-pop.

Through an infectious blend of sparkling synths with the dominant brand of sizzling euphoric soundscapes, on the rise quintet continue to give splashes of excellence with their first three tracks of their existence and gleam a light through 2021.

From their debut 'Favourite Things' to the uplifting ode of 'Lovely, Smart and Beautiful', Bash! make a quick return with the consumption of a bad break-up through the juxtaposed uplifting production of 'So Brokenhearted'. Keeping to the touches of their previous releases with the fruitful twist of vulnerability, vocalist Amanda Bashmakova questions, "When was the last time that you fell in love?"

Since their formation back in 2018, Bash! are slowly becoming the band we are loving with their project, Pop In The Key of Love and we think you should go and listen to them as well.

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