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Wharf - 'Compatible'

Rising indie-rock four-piece takes us down memory lane in all the right ways within their inspired 80s infusion within 'Compatible'.

Written through the oaths of new-found, puzzle-fit love, Wharf bring playful energy to life through ecstatic guitar riffs and potent percussion that delivers a catchy single; reminding listeners that love still exists even in the middle of a pandemic.

As they continue to pave their way through, the London based collective latest single 'Compatible' is a lovable track that resonates the giddy feelings of a relationship that can't go away. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, frontman Liam Stone added: "At the time of writing Compatible I found myself alone in my room – just reflecting on where I was at in my life, and for the first time in a while, I felt really good. I had recently gotten into a relationship where I felt like I’d finally met someone I really enjoy being with, so it got me wanting to write about it. I kept coming back to the lyric ‘I want to be so compatible’ – it really reflected how I was feeling. So, I based the song around that lyric and went from there."

After meeting back in 2017 of their University adolescences - Wharf are hoping to follow the footsteps of Blossoms and The Night Cafe and continue to create meaningful yet infectious indie-rock.