VISSIA - 'About Moving On'

Mysteriously calm yet heart-breakingly potent, Canadian based, Vissia delves into an austere, ballad about the painful fallout of a relationship.

Slow cinematic soundscapes, alongside ethereal, dreamy tone; Vissia's new offering is an atmospheric journey into the unknown of emotions. With alt-pop esque of light synth lines that cross between sharp lyricism, Vissia captures a raw aura of heartbreak.

Speaking about the track, the alt-pop star said: "'About Moving On’ started out with this visual I had played in my mind in slow motion. You’re at your favourite bar or pub minding your own business over a pint with friends, and the person who completely shattered your heart walks in. You can hardly breathe, hardly move, and the racing in your chest wants to escape from your mouth but gets stuck in your throat." She added:" Most of the time you’re really okay, but you’re just not where you thought you were at yet. It’s nobody’s fault that grieving isn’t linear. It just is what it is."

From her stand-out single 'Walk Me Home' to now embracing her vulnerability, Vissia's unique perspective of our world makes a truly compelling musician to watch.

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