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Vibez Release Radar

One day late, but we are back with the top five tunes that we think to deserve your attention. From slow-indie burners too anthemic rock tunes, we've got something for everyone.

Andrew Cushin - Where's My Family Gone

At only 20-years-old, the singer-songwriter has gone from supporting Two Door Cinema Club to working with heavyweight Noel Gallagher for his third single 'Where's My Family Gone'.

Through devastatingly pure emotions with candid lyrics, that flows alongside organic guitar riffs that recall Noel Gallagher influences; Andrew Cushin is letting himself known to the world. Speaking about the single, he said: "It started out as a darker track, but the production that Noel has added to the song has pushed the track in a way that it’s now so much bigger and more uplifting. I can’t wait to play it live and see everyone’s faces when that colossal chorus hits”.

As he continues to set your heart off and flutter, Andrew Cushin is aiming high within the music industry and we can't wait to see him grow.

Carina Jade - Still Love

Alt-pop singer Carina Jade has graced us with her debut single 'Still Love' taken from her upcoming EP due for release next year on LAB Records.

Showing hints of Lana Del Rey; 'Still Love' is fulfilled with subtle electronic beats blended with the singer's angelic vocals. Speaking about the single, Carina added: “My brother Beau wrote a piece of music which is now ‘Still Love’ - the break up of a relationship plays a big part of this song. It was produced over lockdown by Beau and ONR after we came together with our Dad [Dean Bragg] to write and finish the song.”

With a hauntingly beautiful debut single to her name, Carina Jade debut EP is one to watch for the future.

Hello Cosmos - Fuse

A bold yet resonating single that delves into the euphoria escapism of society; showing a glimpse of what we can expect from their debut album 'Dream Harder'.

Through catalytic sounds that snarl post-punk, 'Fuse' is a fitting introduction to their upcoming project that looks into the isolated world we're currently living in. Speaking about the single, frontman Ben Robinson explained: "[Fuse] is about getting a little older, the world getting on top of you, too much TV and screen time, too much infuriation & self-doubt that the media makes worse. Then a fuse is lit, leading to a bomb that explodes with a psychedelic wonderland of a night out."

This exhilarating new single sets out the Manchester-based band as a collective of creatives who want to make a change.

Sydney Sprague - Steve

28-year-old Sydney Sprague carries the same fire and wit of her 90s pop idols as she continues to bring creativity with her latest single 'Steve'.

Combining the familiar yet captivating hooks, with hard-hitting relevant lyrics; Sydney delves into the resonating story that everyone can resonate with as she tries to restart her life. Speaking about the single she added: "I was stuck in a dead-end job, surrounded by toxic friends and a failing relationship, living in an apartment I hated. I wrote this song at my breaking point, when I was finally like, enough, and I cut all of the bad out of my life."

The Phoenix-based singer-songwriter is a truly, authentic artist who already knows what she's doing.

Black Sands - Fearless

Teaming up with Trenton, Black Sands has created a dark, Halloween inspired single that delves into the tense feeling of fear approaching.

Blending elements of Rock and electro-pop sees powerful, distorted vocals alongside reverberating beats create a light and shade both in its expressive lyricism and melodies. Discussing the release, Black Sands said: " I'm finding out that fear is paper-thin' puts a more positive, hopeful take on being in a fearful situation. Courage is finding strength in the face of pain, grief or fear. One common trait Ryan and I have is channelling those feelings from the losses we've both faced to be more positive and hopeful. We wanted to play with that balance in Fearless."

As the constructed sounds define Nine Inch Nails meet Imagine Dragons, Black Sands has created a sombre explosive soundscape.