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Vibez Release Radar

We are back, with some of our favourite hits of the week. From popsicles singles to rising stars, we got something for everyone.

Isabelle Brown - In Your Head

Following her acclaimed EP '03', fearless Brighton 17-year old singer is back with her brand new mixtape 'In Your Head'.

Described by Isabelle as: "a metaphor for what's going on today with the Black Lives Matter and Me Too Movements; and the many injustices that have caused people to protest in recent years." She added: " 'In Your Head' is a song of hope that peaceful protests can bring about change because it challenges people to get the message 'in your head'."

Through soulful and fresh beats that flow alongside mature vocals, 'In Your Head' mixtape delves into Isabelle Brown's life as a diary of personal and relevant experiences. At such a young age, it seems wild that she possesses musical confidence destined for big things.

Emma Danelone - The One That Got Away

'The One That Got Away' has admittedly been out for a while now but, we couldn't seem to ignore it as Emma combines her electrical musical narrative through contemporary R&B and synth-pop influences.

The London-based Italian alt-pop star is on the rise with her unapologetic blend of mesmeric melodies and empowering vocals that are explored through the creativity she shares with her listeners.

As she takes her influences from the likes of Daft Punk to Banks, Emma Danelon is changing the look of the dance floor.

Love Level - Bad Bye

Blending the joys of indie-electro pop Australian based duo are back with their sophomore single 'Bad Bye'.

Rising through the ranks of the Gold Coast, Aimee Van der Kruik and Juliana Ebert have crafted a lo-fi bedroom pop through moody hooks and atmospheric blends that shimmer in purity. Despite appearing onto the scene this year, Love Level are hitting the right marks for their nostalgic dreamscape that will make you have them on repeat.

As they embrace new horizons, Love Level are becoming contestants of ones to watch. If you like Clairo or The Japanse House, then why not check out the rising duo.

MOY - At My Door

The Glasgow-based band once again demonstrates their versatility as they offer something new through lurching riffs and grungy beats in their latest track 'At My Door'.

Photo courtesy of DediKATed PR

As they delve through the ongoing theme of escapism, MOY latest dark dreamy track is a euphoric stance to modernised 90s lo-fi indie scene that is throated with full-on hooks and amplifiable vocals. Speaking about the single, Moy added: " 'At My Door' was written about escapism, a chance encounter with someone significant who takes you to a new place, wanting to return and when you can’t, the reflection and understanding of the truth that is staring you right in the face. that you can’t go back."

Within the space of three singles, MOY have emerged as an intriguing yet confident proposition that are in sight for a high future.

Wings of Desire - Runnin'

London based duo Wings of Desire and members of InHeaven have shared their latest emphatic, slow-burner 'Runnin''.

Drawing inspirations from revolution, visual arts and 20th-century counterculture, Wings of Desire cinematic single propel experiences of our world through the ages. Speaking about the track, Wings of Desire said: "Running endlessly in circles eternally longing for something, of which we are not sure. In a culture designed to distract us from ourselves, and one that empowers narcissistic idealization. Maybe its time to get off the wheel and see what’s outside?"

Following on from their debut track '001', the duos stadium seized vocals and love for assertive guitar riffs is creating a future path for them.