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It seems to us that Vibez Release Radar is moving to Thursdays, but don't worry we are back with some of our favourite hits that we think you should go and listen to.

Matt Ryder - Feel

Jumping through the lens of growing up; Ryder's lo-fi atmospheric approach to dance-inflected indie is armed with hope and excitement for better times amongst today's society.

Matt explains: "This track was mainly a reference to growing towards the next few years, the end of teenage life." He added: "Everything was beginning to change and things were becoming more exciting and parties more natural and people actually just enjoyed themselves."

Through his DIY approach and invoking an alternative spirit that draws in rich pop melodies and underground references, Matt Ryder has continued to embrace new journies.

ELIO - Jackie Onassis

Toronto-based, ELIO (Charlotte Grace Victoria) delivers an ode to escapism through shimmering synths and light-moving snare drums; creating the epitome of 80s atmospheric alongside unique bedroom pop.

Beneath the shimmer beats, lays the heavy stuff as she captures the paradox between escapism and responsibility in 2020. Charlotte admits she wishes she had no responsibilities but adds: " I think a lot of people are feeling this way, but it's important to take a step back and realise the world is bigger than yourself and, we all have a social responsibility - it's definitely nice to fantasise though."

From Wales to Canada, ELIO taught herself to create music that now sees her release detailed songs which speak to her generation and their shared experience of loneliness.

Gabriel Paris - Kicks In

Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter has dropped his latest alternative pop single 'Kicks In' - the perfect fitting to evenings on lockdown.

Intoxicating yet sobering, Gabriel pierces lyrics that delve into the low points of his life during the aftermath of a heartache. The cathartic ballad comes as a breakthrough from the darkness that now remains the past.

Since bursting onto the music scene, Gabriel has collaborated with the likes of GRAACE and gain credits on the Warner Brothers DC Film 'Aquaman'. Gabriel Paris isn't someone you should be sleeping on as his poetry and emotions is wrapped together to create hard-hitting music.

Earl Grey - Le Bain

American based indie-pop quartet is back with their hook infused pop single 'Le Bain'.

As they mark a new milestone, 'Le Bain' is completed with modern production and touches of nostalgia as they tell a story of wanting one last shot at love. With the sound of 80s pop music, Earl Grey has maintained a healthy blend of guitars and warm synthesizers to back up a heartwarming message.

After forming in 2018, the group have gained a small yet devoted following and if you like the likes of MUNA and The 1975, then maybe you should join them.

PVA - Talks

Following the signing to Ninja Tune's taste-maker label Big Dada, PVA have also released their latest, propulsive offering 'Talks'.

Taking their euphoric take on genres and incorporating techno landscapes, the three-piece have combined motorik drum loops and blocky yet interesting synth; that shows us a glimpse of their forthcoming debut EP 'Toner'. As well featuring three new tracks- 'Talks', 'Sleek Form', Exhaust/Surroundings' - the EP will also feature remixes from Mura Masa, Lynks and Daniel Fox of Girl Band.

Since their formation in the aftermath of a house party back in 2018, PVA have gained quite the attention through their raucous live performances and their love for melding industrial post-punk with focused pop swagger.

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