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Though summer is coming to an end, Vibez Release Radar continues to relish the late, warm evenings with a host of upcoming new artists that are ready to shape the future.

Out At Sea - Izzy

London latest indie rockers, Out At Sea, infect us with their latest single, 'Izzy'.

Set on the influences of E4 teen drama theme tunes and the early days of noughties indie rock. Out At Sea tongue in cheek latest work is dripped in hook-filled soundscapes and tells the story of modern love. Speaking about the track, co-lead singer Matt said: “I wanted to write a singalong tune about the highs and lows of fancying and flirting with someone, where even if the feelings are unrequited, the hook definitely isn’t.”

Only forming before the pandemic hit, Only At Sea raw yet addictive work is only just going to get bigger.

Nora Lilith - Daysof8

Taken from her upcoming debut EP, Nora Lilith avoids the labels of music and crafts the stunning 'Daysof8'.

Following her new era and exploring the self-exploration of one, Lilith delves into the intimate feeling of not being good enough for your lover. Through the lo-fi expansion sounds of electronic with the cracking beats of house, Lilith latest work is a mesmerizing offering of a future star. Speaking about her latest work and the influence of the story, Lilith added: "The name 'Daysof8' feels representative of days where one can energetically hold love. The number 8 is structurally and visibly similar to an infinity symbol. To me, true love is an act of extending oneself for the sake of another’s growth."

As she continues to route down her new era, Nora Lilith finds herself leaping to the next stage of music.

The Worst Guys - Magenta

Continuing to push the boundaries of alt-hip, The Worst Guys return with the double release of Magenta.

Consisted of 'Washed Out' and 'Party', the rising duo leave behind their debut EP and delve into bright tendencies of pop whilst still drawing on the trademark of their unique sounds. From the exploration of their surroundings, that's tainted by crime and violence within the darker sentiments of 'Washed Out' to the punchy upbeat track 'Party' that delves into the joyous moments of the confusing world we live in. The Worst Guys latest work is a glimpse of their future.

As summer comes to an end, The Worst Guys leave their mark.

Nadia Sheikh - IDWK (I Don't Wanna Know)

Spanish-English songwriter Nadia Sheikh takes our breath away with her most personal track to date throughout 'IDWK (I Don't Wanna Know)'.

Being her first release of 2021, after spending the past twelve months honing her craft, Sheikh continues to blend the abilities of indie-rock with pop but finds herself reaching the point of vulnerability that she's never reached before. Set on the basis of soothing vocal tones, crashed between the discordant instrumentals, Sheikh endures the personal problems she has brushed aside. “It's the first release of what I can say is my most personal and vulnerable work as a songwriter," said Sheikh. “‘IDWK’ is about that difficult conversation you don't want to have with yourself. Sometimes it's easier to ignore what we're going through internally than to face and process it, but once you do, things do get better.”

Amidst the traits of a human being, Nadia Sheikh artistry puts her at the forefront of ones to watch.

Surf Mesa ft. Fletcher & Josh Golden - Another Life

Hit musician Surf Mesa partners with the wonders of Fletcher and Josh Golden for the euphoric magic of 'Another Life'.

Photo Credit: Kristen Jan Wong

Intertwined with the individuality of each artist, 'Another Life' blooms under the intimate soundscapes of reminiscing the dancefloor. Through the juxtaposed yet addictive vocals tones of both Fletcher and Golden alongside the production of Surf Mesa, 'Another Life' is the work we didn't know we needed. Speaking of working alongside both, Surf Mesa added: "I’ve been a fan of FLETCHER since I first heard her record ‘Bitter ’with my friend Kito and josh Golden is arising star in the modern alternative space. I’m inspired and grateful to have two of my favourite vocalists collaborating with me on this track. Hearing them harmonize gives me the chills.”

With all three breaking the sphere of music, fans are in a treat for what the future holds.

ĠENN - Catalyst

Brighton-based ĠENN are slowly becoming one of the UK's hottest bands and again prove their worth with the raucous single 'Catalyst'.

Off the beat of their acclaimed EP, ĠENN serves the undeniable talent of DIY alt-rock and storm us with the expressing need for change within the political landscape. Through the thrashed soundscapes of rhythm, weaved between the growling guitars, listeners find themselves in the heart of the band feelings towards our society. Speaking about the track, vocalist Leona Farrugia said: “The word ‘revolution’ has often been used in more grand ways throughout collective history, but ‘Catalyst’ started as more of a personal rediscovery, realising that every day is a ‘work in progress in order to wake up from the coma of tradition.”

Alongside their latest work, ĠENN are ready to rock the stages of their Liminal UK tour.

Boy Scouts - Didn’t I

Oakland newcomer Boy Scouts tips and taps through the wondering thoughts of our emotions through the simple yet tender 'Didn't I'.

Following the announcement of her upcoming album Wayfinder, Boy Scouts, aka Taylor Vick, gives glimpses of what's to come through the intimate soundscapes of light cello alongside the addictive undertone of the steady guitar line. Telling the story of there's no question too big and no detail too small, Taylor spoke further of her influences and added: "I lost that curiosity for many years, and it came back to me in the last year. I started to wonder about these types of things again. It feels better to have curiosity for life."

With a continuous rise and experiences with a multitude of albums, Boy Scouts work will soon be enjoyed by the many.

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