Vibez Release Radar

In this week’s Vibez Release Radar, we get down with some of the best hits of August. From honest storytelling to soaring punk, we have it all.

Berna - Da Pattern

Highly on the rise Berna, once again brings the party with his latest single, 'Da Pattern'.

Following the hit debut EP Poor Little Rich Kid, Essex based Berna infuses listeners with the addictive carnival beats and summer undertones perfect for the late nights we have all missed. With the first taste of his forthcoming project embodying his trademarks sound and charisma, fans can surely expect something special.

Alongside the work of his modelling career and artistry, Berna hosts an undeniable talent that is one for the future.

Wild Spelks - Nine By Sixteen

Though self-produced and written by himself in the heart of his bedroom, on the rise Wild Spelks, speaks the truth through the hard-hitting 'Nine By Sixteen'.

Digging into the tales of a relationship whilst comparing others - Spelks latest work is hosted by the alt-rock wonders tendencies and intricate yet rather understanding lyricism. Speaking about 'Nine By Sixteen', Spelks added: “The aspect ratio of nine by sixteen, being the focus, the clean and serene filters that diffuse all of our social media representations of ourselves. It’s about seeing flaws in yourself and your own relationships, whilst using the portrayal of others in the nine by sixteen screen.”

With the desire to create a musical project from the work of his own, Wild Spelks is an exciting prospect of the talents of post-punk.

Cathy Jain - artificial

At only 17-years-old, Cathy Jain finds herself in the heart of one to watch and proves her worthiness with the slick title track 'artificial'.

Taken from her upcoming debut EP, Jain has had a year like no other. From her debut single 'Cool Kid' hitting the rocks from the let go to now enjoying the hazy rays of 'artificial', Jain is a standout of infectious R&B glazed with alt-pop. Speaking about the story she delves into, Jain noted: "In the title track 'artificial', I'm picturing someone who feels like their life lacks authenticity but realises that their imagination and virtual life are all part of what makes up who they are.”

With critics watching every inch of her career and already gracing the stages of the end of 2021, 2022 could not come sooner for Cathy Jain.

Oliver Keane - In The Morning

Inspired by the spectrum of music from a young age, London based Oliver Keane forces his way into the door with the tender beat 'In The Morning'.

From a house full of Pink Floyd to loving hit Catfish and the Bottlemen, Keane is set on to create a unique sound and career that only he can boast. With his debut 'In The Morning' a perfect start to that oath, listeners are treated to the buzz of raw undertones alongside the flow of crooning vocals that create a story of one young adult who is surviving the world around us.

Admittedly delving into thousand of songs over the past six years, Oliver Keane is ready to take the next step.

Mrley - My Side of London

British latest punk rocker, Mrley, ditches the time of being a grime MC and reconnects with the inspirations of his youth throughout 'My Side of London'.

Being a tribute to his borough of South-East London, 23-year-old Marley Rutherford, aka Mrley, pulls on the evocative tendencies of punk with the defiant lyricism of adolescents. Speaking about the themes behind the single, Mrley said: "It's progress that people of all backgrounds are being brought together through the love of art, but I think it’s important to let the people whose profits are thriving from street culture know that 'I’m not your something, your something to play with.'"

Amidst the re-opening of music, Mrley musical landscape is one to not ignore - with his highly anticipated debut EP landing this October, the rising star is ready to rock the stage.

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