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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Do we really need an introduction when the below gives you hope for the future of music? Whilst I still need to get the hang of keeping up to date with the latest hits, we have collated the top hits from the past few weeks that deserve your attention.

Sam Pine - Why Can't You?

22-year-old Sam Pine is peeping out from his bedroom and delves into the real world with the addictive, featured track 'Why Can't You?'

Taken from his debut album Evergreen, Pine finds himself exploring the experiences of his relocation to his hometown of Denver, the effects of physical distance and his close love of Los Angeles. Speaking about his latest work, he added: "I had relationships that felt very tested and at some points exposed. This pandemic really had some harsh truth and the hook of the song askes whoever listens, or at least in my perspective, the girl I was seeing, 'why can't you be the one for me?' It's that classic long-distance narrative but with my own spin."

Through the influence of a combining spectrum of jazz, RnB and alt-pop - Pine creates a soundscape of his own imagination and treats listeners glimpses of his future.

Caroline Romano - The Hypothetical

Following the heels of 'PDA of the Mainstream' Gen Z riser, Caroline Romano blows up with the modern take of punk within 'The Hypothetical'.

Soaring through the thrashing percussion with off-beat yet head-banging vocals, Romano finds herself in a romance that she can't get rid of. Speaking of the single, she said: “I wanted to capture that feeling of being so infatuated with a crush that it’s borderline a state of psychosis. Everything’s sweet and sour all at the same time. It’s nothing serious. It’s Barbie and Ken in wonderland, even if it’s only in your head. It’s just hypothetical.”

With a plethora of singles gracing the underground, Romano is slowly reaching the heart of the mainstream music scene, and no one can stop her.

Modern People - Common Blues

London based Modern People work summer wonders within their debut 'Common Blues'.

Photo Credit: David Richardson

Consisting of instrumentalist and producer Christian Pinchbeck (Girlhood) and fresh off the Cardiff scene Lewis Cardinal, the rising duo set no boundaries and restrictions to collaborate energy that can't be found anywhere else and one evident within 'Common Blues'. Speaking about their debut, Cardinal said: "The song came about from my yearning to perform live, envisaging a post lockdown party involving a mass jam session. Christian sent me a track that blended different rhythmic styles including house, afrobeat and Latin, and I envisioned us all in one big room with the drinks flowing and the sound of laughter passing through."

With hints and secrets of larger projects in the future, Modern People are enjoying the successes of their debut and ready to take the next step.

Cade Hoppe - Click Boom Run

New York-based artist Cade Hoppe continues to give through his successful debut year with the delicately crafted 'Click Boom Run'.

Set on the basis of a concluded relationship, Hoppe centres the question of what if through the anthemic pop that catches you from the first beat of pulsating guitars and broad, leading vocals. Helped with Harper James of indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety, the simple production with the lyricism of heartbreak becomes an experience of relation to the rest of the world.

In conclusion, Hoppe is a new riser to keep your eyes on.

Miya Miya - Rules

British new offering Miya Miya has only just emerged but finds themselves once again ahead of their competitors with the highly mature yet infectious single 'Rules'.

Followed from the paths of their return, the four-piece band rebellious story juxtaposed by the heavenly synths alongside the heart-throbbing basslines undertone an anthem grooved by the raw talent of Miya Miya.

From their debut EP Cold Blood to co-writing for hit stars, 2021 is the year for Miya Miya, and the future should lookout.

Lottie - Lights Out

Before we are treated to the upcoming single 'Indigo', we look back at Lottie's graceful single 'Lights Out' that delves into the troublesome relationship from the perspective of the LGBTQ+ community.

Taking influence from heavyweights Lorde and BANKS, Lottie takes on music is covered by upbeat pop tendencies alongside elements of infused piano pieces and dancehall drums; weaved within the detailed lyricism to create a track that can't be ignored.

With her debut album just around the corner, the British singer-songwriter is only a few years away from becoming a star.

Bye Malo - Strawberry Kisses

Independent Toronto based Bye Malo has been enjoying the rays of summer with the blissful offering of 'Strawberry Kisses'.

Photo Credit: Frank

At only 21-year-olds, the rising artist contributes to the world of music with the flickers of genres and one that is evident in his latest work. From the fusion of stylish RnB with a catchy punk-infused hook that screams influences of Jeremy Zucker and blackbear's pop work, Malo speaks the future of what's to come.

Holding a place within the sphere of indie pop, Malo is rejuvenating and working towards a stand-out career.

Ejay Mallard ft Mynd- Reparations

A duo that we didn't know we needed. Austin based Ejay Mallard once again partners with Houston very own Mynd for the intimate 'Reparations'.

With the world slowly opening, Mallard up and down past year reflects within the positive outlook of mid-tempo RnB weaved through the undertones of Mynd sultry vocal tones. Reunion from their previous collaboration of the dark 'Ruin Me', the duo growth passes them on to realize what their past loves have done for them and embraces the feelings of recovery.

Taken from his upcoming album, Mallard journey shows an artist that has grown from a young boy to an artist that shines a bright light onto the Houston music scene.

Flowvers - Far Away

South coast quartet, Flowvers introduces us to the face of dizzying indie throughout their latest single 'Far Away'.

Holding a reminiscent to the 2012 B-Town indie scene, 'Far Away is fulfilled with the get-go of steaming percussion with the roar of contagious riffs. Speaking more about the track, the band added: "We jammed it, and it became more and more apparent that when we came to record it would need a big sound. The lyrics talk about angst, a recurrent theme in our songs. Lines like ‘Take me so far away’ captured the feeling of a lockdown where one may have felt like they had nowhere to go. We hope everyone enjoys the song."

Whilst we have all struggled in the past, Flowvers have vastly become ones to watch and ready to reach the top.

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