Vibez Release Radar

As we soak up the sun, recover from COVID (especially me) and still rock Olivia Rodrigo debut album Sour, we once again pick out our favourite hits from the past week.

Rachel Bochner - Hating Myself in the Summer

New-york newcomer Rachel Bochner pursues the bittersweet feelings of summer with her latest single, 'Hating Myself in the Summer'.

Whilst she takes on influences from Lana Del Rey to Julia Michaels, Rachael is slowly paving a unique route of soundscapes fulfilled with blissful indie-pop - evident in her latest work. Speaking about 'Hating Myself in the Summer', the rising artist noted: “I wrote this song as a way to vent about the constant (and annoying) battle going on in my head about my body image. I know I should love myself as I am, but it’s so hard to shut out the voices and pressures and norms telling you that the way you are isn’t good enough. hating myself in the summer is about being, quite frankly, tired of the bullshit."

As she slowly paves through the scenes of New York, Rachel Bochner will be in no time set within the world.

Sunken - Show Me Your Mind

London-based newest outfit continue to soar, and 'Show Me Your Mind' is no different to their undeniable talent.

Dominated by the disco-speck soundscapes, juxtaposed by the addictive flicker of laser synths, Sunken balance the picture of intensity and the torment of one. Speaking of their latest work, band singer Poppy Billingham explained: “'Show Me Your Mind' is about the subtleties of how someone presents themselves to you. It’s easy to know someone on a surface level basis, but the more you get to know someone, the more your perception of them changes."

From one track to the next, rising Sunken are becoming the five-piece outfit that will soon be rocking your playlist.

Unusual Demont - VANTA

Raised in the oaths of Wisconsin, Unusual Demont offers another example of gritty R&B with a unique pop edge throughout his latest single, 'VANTA'.

Blended by the tendencies of various soundscapes of pop and punk, Unusual Demont delivers a fresh yet dark, distorted take on the world of modern music. With the engaging senses of the rough breakup, listeners are at the heart of something we've all experienced.

In the world of chaos, Unusual Demont is becoming one of the brightest stars in music.

Five Days North - Champagne Shots

As summer flies past us, Manchester fast-rising Five Days North burst with the 'Champagne Shots'.

Founded on the slick production of effortless synth melodies with the flow of soaring vocals, the band delve into the luxury moments of our life. Speaking on the track, the band added: “Champagne Shots’ is a story of two people reflecting on the small bits of luxury that make life worthwhile. With artists like Bleachers’ influence on a memorable lead and the rhythm driven by powerful synth bass, ‘Champagne Shots’ is the summer anthem to celebrate the reclaimed freedoms we all previously took for granted.”

Whilst they have taken the hearts of the North, Five Days North are slowly winning over the rest of the UK.

Tally Spear - Fun House

Following the routes of her self-titled debut EP, Tally Spear gears between the enslaving dark alt-pop within 'Fun House'.

Led through the haunting production of circusesque beats rifled into roaring rock shifts, Tally Spear holds it together in the style of her juxtaposed vocal tones -from the delicate high pitches to the whispered deep tones that portray the emotions of her anxiety and getting in her own head. Speaking more of the track, Tally explained: "I wanted to use a metaphor of a 'house' to describe the mind and build this visual concept of being ‘stuck in a funhouse.’ Playing on how something that is meant to be positive can easily turn dark and claustrophobic.”

As she cuts her teeth through the UK music scene, Tally Spear is ready to dominate.

King No-One - Apologies

Known for the gritty glamour of indie rock, Yorkshire trio King No-One switch it up with the raw shape of 'Apologies'.

Photo Credit: June Riviera

Rooted on the down-tempo of hooked soundscapes with the over-worked yet perfected emotion-filled lyrics, King No-One give us a vulnerable side that shouldn't be hidden away. Speaking about the track, King No-One said: "'Apologies' is about the shackles that strong feelings can give you. You are bound to love, and you are helpless in controlling the feelings involved. Sometimes it's easier to not love and be free. The emotion and honesty in the vocals, however, prove that to love and to feel is far greater than the supposed freedom of not loving."

With their European tour just around the corner, King No-One will soon be blessing you with emphatic live music.

Ailsa Tully - Sheets

Taken from her upcoming EP, Ailsa Tully treats us to the gleaming breeze of our whirring thoughts within 'Sheets'.

Made up of the simple soundscapes of gentle guitar riffs alongside the longing percussions of detailed cello, Tully delves between the feelings of needing to work but also accepting to give yourself a break. Speaking of the track, Tully added: "'Sheets’ is about restlessness and trying to let yourself be still. It’s about waking up and feeling the anxious urge to be productive, to wash your clothes, to make your bed, but forcing yourself to slow down in order to share a moment with someone.”

With her forthcoming EP due to be released anytime soon, the Welsh-based singer-songwriter is hijacking the oaths of the UK music scene.

Kerry Feeney - Audacious

Sass, bold and confident; Kerry Feeney brings it all and more to the summer anthem of 'Audacious'. y7

Honed by the distinctive sound of her craft with the introduction of the new era she's heading to, Kerry works wonders with pulsating beats with the infectious blend of guitar licks in order to create a blossoming queer anthem.

With the mission of inspiring others, Kerry Feeney first offering of 2021 heads her in the right direction of success.

Fuzzy Sun - Fake It

Manchester alt-pop outfit first offering of 2021 is one to not ignore as they soar through 'Fake It'.

Whilst 2020 wasn't the one for everyone, Fuzzy Sun took the time to construct a new identity of unique indie-pop, driven by anthemic guitars that are soared within vivid textures. Speaking of their latest work, Kyle said: “The song itself is about feeling rather disenchanted with society and putting on a brave face when in fact you feel the complete opposite, which is something we can all relate to. It was inspired by a dark time, with the hope of things getting better.”

With a new era on its way, Fuzzy Sun continues to prove the critics wrong in overwhelming style.

Kyoto Kyoto - Gaacher Blitz

Experimental trio Kyoto Kyoto pull a pallet of wonders within their debut single 'Gaacher Blitz'.

Taking the London underground music scene by storm, the rising latest outfit span between Berlin techno with the brash of Glaswegian punk that rolls into a whirlwind of various rhythms and is picked up by the burst of strong crescendo.

Whilst they continue to wow the judges of London, Kyoto Kyoto debut worthily spills across the UK.

Shears - Pick Me Up

Following her introduction to the world of music within the chaos of 2020, Shears (aka Becca Shearing) shifts for something new through her latest single, 'Pick Me Up'.

Layered by fun, worked up vocal harmonies with crackling beats that fizz between my ears - Shears might be new to the music scene - but can entirely produce a summer track worthy for the many. "During the pandemic, I was done with writing angry and sad songs," said Shears. "With 'Pick Me Up' I wanted to bring a little slice of happiness with the music, even if the lyrics are about trying to get past feelings of anxiety and dread."

Though it was a risk to shift in routes, Shears comes out on top and proves her worth for the future of music.

Roe - Cruel

Following the storm of 2020, Roe continues to break the mould with her first release of 2021 in 'Cruel'.

Whilst her infectious charm dominated her EP Things We Don't Talk About, the Northern Music Prize Award Winner twists and turns into a new chapter of music through the fresh approach of alternative indie-pop - layered by Lauren Hibberd esque production yet offering her own staple sound. Speaking about the track further, Roe added: "'Cruel' was written about wanting to care for someone who doesn’t deserve the loyalty. It’s about being brainwashed into only seeing the good in somebody and thinking that they’re this huge part of your personality that you’d be lost without when in reality they’re only dragging you down.”,

Risen through the set of Derry, Ireland newcomer is set to land on the UK music scene in no time.

The Feens - A Thousand Faces

Dominated by the waves of bewitching guitar pop, The Feens self-worth roars throughout 'A Thousand Faces'.

Sitting on the heavier side of indie-pop, The Feens latest work accounts for the evidence of being one of the most exciting bands out in the oaths of English music and is hooked by ascending melodies, blended by detailed, pop layers. Speaking of their latest work, vocalist Adam added: "'A Thousand Faces' tells the story of each person's journey to discovering themselves and their place in the world. It’s the acknowledgement that in an ever-evolving world that this journey becomes more and more challenging. It’s a message of hope for everyone that says it’s ok to feel that way and to take solace and pleasure in the small moments in life."

As they prepare for their autumn UK tour, The Feens once again give us hope for the future of music.

Eli Gosling - Alien

Delved into the feel of being alienated, British RnB artist Eli Gosling shares his own personal experience through the effortless 'Alien'.

Through the craftmanship of stirring whirls of electronic atmospherics with the heavy bassline undertone between each beat, Eli charms us from the offset. In his own words, Eli said: "Sometimes, in this big bad crazy world, it feels like there are infinite amounts of people all around you, which can make you feel like a complete outcast. Some people will feel completely alienated, almost like they are all alone, floating in space. I wrote this for the people who recognise these feelings, to let them know that there is so much more out there in life, no matter how hard it can feel, always look up!"

As he continues to hone his sound, Eli Gosling next step into the music industry will surely be watched by many.

Alice Pisano - Open Up

London based singer and songwriter continue to gleam in success as she releases her most ambitious work to date in 'Open Up'.

Making a bright entrance to her musical career, Alice finds the sweet spot to the perfect summer track of joyful synth, blended with popsicle tendencies. As she captivates us with the strong lead of lyricism, Alice said: “I wanted to write an uplifting love song, both

lyrically and musically… something to get people moving and in a good mood. I kept the lyrics quite simple like I wish love was! ‘Open Up’ is about finding someone who feels like home, someone you can truly be yourself around. A safe haven, after all the broken hearts and disappointments.”

Either it's a long-form ballad or an upbeat pop track, Alice Pisano gets it right every time.

Nora Lilith - Misfed

Riser Nora Lilith, broods between the weird and wonderful world of dark pop and captures the true feelings of 'Misfed'.

Photo Credit: Taylor Hall

Re-emerging from the oaths of her past, the mysterious yet intriguing artist Nora natures her DIY antics but offers a run of new work that cracks lo-fi electronic beats, mesmerised by the blend of R&B and Jazz undertones. Speaking about her latest work, she said: "This track was a pivotal one in my evolution as an artist, especially as a vocalist and lyricist. I remember around that time period I was really struggling to write lyrics in a way that intrigued me. When I paid too close attention to the poeticism or emotional accuracy of my own lyrics while writing them, they always seemed to fall short for me."

Through the intimate yet resonate work, Nora Lilith is on the cusp of something special.

Breeze - Come Around

Fly away to Toronto, and rising artist Breeze travel back in time with the euphoric 'Come Around'.

Formerly known as Josh Korody, the project of Breeze taps between the swamp overturned acid house soundscapes with the mesh blend of ambience disco alongside post-punk beats. Through the eclectic sounds, Korody delves into the feelings of someone being horrible to you and added: " As I'm singing the song, I'm picturing performing it live with them walking into the room and making people, especially the people closest to them, extremely uncomfortable and angry. The lyrics: 'Yeah, you really did a number on this one' reference the trauma they imposed upon the community

Alongside the first treat of wonders, Breeze is gearing up for his second album, Only Up.