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Vibez Release Radar

As we continue to embrace new music from some of the most exciting acts out there, we make a return with our favourite releases from the past month.

Ciphers - Enemy

Newcomers Ciphers swim deep into the self-deprecation of one but warm the intimate emotions into a gleam of addictive synth-pop throughout 'Enemy'.

Emerged through the oaths of student halls, London-based duo take on the influences of LANY and Nightly and lift upon the sonic soundscapes of the 80s that they have grown to love and put on a modern twist within their latest release 'Enemy'. Speaking about their latest work, Lewis explained: "'Enemy' came to me when I was having a tough time with anxiety; writing this song was a therapeutic process. The lyrics explain the conflict you sometimes have with yourself, which is something both of us have dealt with."

From their debut single 'Back from the Dead' to the heart of their new era, Ciphers next stage in music will surely break the mould of becoming one to watch.

Sukie - Buffy

Bedroom pop artist Sukie infectious outlook on her everyday life cracks within 'Buffy' and earworms into our ears unapologetically.

Blended between the funny yet sad lyricism with the juxtaposition of upbeat soundscapes, Sukie latest work gracefully puts her on the map of music. Speaking about 'Buffy', she said: "It's just me listing all the things I do to try and distract myself from being anxious. I feel like so many people have experienced a spike in anxiety since the pandemic started, and for me, it got to the point where I was filling my days with meaningless stuff to get me through the day. Trying to convince myself I enjoy doing yoga because my friends have told me it might help, but no matter what I do, it's always in the back of my mind. I wanted to write it in a super fun way, almost like a disco track, because I like the idea of sad songs being something that people dance to."

From the first steps in music within university to her debut EP Hey Cutie, Sukie latest offering is as relatable as ever.

Uninvited - Tomboy

Scotland most promising act, Uninvited, power into the shimmer of indie-pop throughout their debut single, 'Tomboy'.

Photo Credit: Cara Barbour

Delved into their own experiences of growing within society, the four-piece alt-rock band combine the love of summery melodies with velvet vocals, expressed through the freedom of heart on the sleeve lyricism. Speaking about 'Tomboy', Taylor-Ray Dillon said: "When Gill and I wanted to start the band a few years ago, I said ‘We should have a song called ‘Tomboy’. I thought the name was cool, I wanted to write a song called ‘Tomboy', and then we forgot about it. Until last year when Gill mentioned that she’d been writing ‘Tomboy’. When writing the lyrics, I thought of the things that I did when I was growing up - I joined a football team to meet gay girls.”

Though they have no live music to their name, Uninvited are quickly cementing their name across the UK music scene as they push the boundaries of social norms.

Anderson East - Drugs

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Anderson East smooth within the productions of R&B and speaks the truth throughout his latest single 'Drugs'.

Being the second single from his highly anticipated new album, Maybe We Never Die - Anderson East funky yet vulnerable offering tells a story like no other. Of the track, East stated: "Me and my buddy and co-writer Aaron Raitiere were in LA, and we’re cruising around, and you’re like, what is going on here? Where are all these people going? It’s like everybody’s on drugs in this place. You start calling a spade a spade about what drugs mean. Well, I’ve had coffee this morning. Some people go to the gym. Some people are going to church. Some people are on Twitter. I wouldn’t call it a protest song, but it’s like a ‘Is anybody else seeing what I’m seeing right now?’ It’s our inability to interface with reality.”

As he continues to wow the judges, Anderson East latest work is his best work to date.

Emi Wes - Take Me To The Moon

As we lust for the feeling of love, Emi Wes stands in for the time being with the sultry 'Take Me To The Moon'.

Through the embellishment of soulful soundscapes with the taste of overly confident beats, Emi Wes work fulfils the pleasures of desire. Speaking about her latest offering, Emi Wes added: "'Take Me to The Moon' is about a very short-lived fling where you just want to have fun while it lasts, feeling confident in your desires, knowing that you have to go soon. Cause you're too busy."

Whilst she only holds a handful of songs, Emi Wes shows growth through each one and is hitting onto the right path of success.

The Academic - Kids (Don't End Up Like Me)

Irish risers glimpse the soar remembrance of youth and give glimpses to what's next from their upcoming EP Community Spirit within the cut 'Kids (Don't End Up Like Me).'

Screaming flashes of festivals and plain green fields in the summer, The Academic make a roaring return with charming indie-pop that hold tendencies of what's to come. Speaking about the fear of never getting out of his hometown, frontman Craig Fitzgerald explained: "I started looking through all my old notebooks and found this song fully written. I had a gut feeling that it might come to life now with a few more years of living behind me since it was originally written."

Whilst they still have time to grow, The Academics work is at the forefront of the future stars.

Zola Courtney ft. Caleborate - Superstar

With the helping hand of California rapper Caleborate, Zola Courtney summer R&B jam 'Superstar' is a blissful approach to the arrogance of power.