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From one hit after the next, Vibez Release Radar makes a return with the stand-out singles of the month.

Shelter Boy - Absence

As he establishes himself as one of Germany's ones to watch, Leipzig Shelter Boy returns with the psychedelic single 'Absence'.

Photo Credit: Cinzia Grundke

Taken on comparisons to King Krule with the likes of Mac DeMarco, Shelter Boy blissful approach to indie-pop breezes past his previous track 'Atmosphere' and delves into the pain of being split apart due to the pandemic.

Through the jangling, upbeat undertones alongside dreamy vocal tones - Shelter Boy captures the perfect summer track for your friends to dance to.

Rames - Eleanor Street

Being their first offering of 2021, London based Rames continue to wow us with the gleaming indie-pop soundscapes that are evident within their latest release, 'Eleanor Street'.

Keeping to the touches of their previous tracks, the rising four-piece travel into the light productions of bright indie tendencies with the flow of airy guitars undertone that entwine with the lead singles husky vocal tones.

Described by the band as being "about having a laugh with your mates and having a good time", Rames latest single sets out a successful route for the future.


Taken from her forthcoming EP Retrogrades, GEISTE latest single, 'Twig' is a delicate yet effective offering that delves into a reflection of her past.

As she takes control of her own life, listeners swirl between ethereal vocals with the atmospheric undertones of dancing synths. Speaking about her latest work, GEISTE elaborated: "I wrote 'Twig' when I realised that I had a lot of difficulties keeping romantic relationships because of the amount of time I spend working on music and being creative. Especially when the other person does not understand - it feels like I suffocate and feel guilty for not giving enough to the other person - as if I don't have the space to grow. It also talks about toxic and unhealthy relationships when the other person tries to control you.”

With the EP around the corner, the St Tropez born artistic visionary captures us from the first beat.

Jade Morgan Kelly - Terrified

Riser Jade Morgan Kelly continues to sparkle through the themes of urban pop within her latest release, 'Terrified'.

Following the release of her debut, Jade soars through intimate lyrics that bounce between a shimmer of modern soundscapes, fulfilled by the influences of R&B and indie-pop. Speaking about the meaning behind the song, she revealed: "You're in love, and it is going well. Happy days but why are you scared of it going wrong? ‘Terrified’ is explaining your venerability of the relationship and how dependent you have now become on your partner and scared of letting your own independence go.”

At only 19-years-old, Jade Morgan Kelly is on the cusp of becoming one to watch throughout the UK music scene and follow the footsteps of Anne Marie and Mae Muller.

Barnaby Keen - Trust Me

London based Barnaby Keen immerses through the kaleidoscopic soundscapes of his latest release, 'Trust Me'.

With touches of rich melodies that blossom with confidence, Barnaby Keen follows the steps of his ever-presenting career within the London music scene. As he recalls the inspiration of the track, he said: “I was seeing a Romanian bodybuilder for a while - she was a tree surgeon and used to come up with songs whilst working. She used to hum this melody but didn’t know where it had come from and assumed it was an old folk song." He added after living in a disused petrol station and returning to the familiar sounds after finding an organ: "I took part of it and then wrote the song, remembering our time together.”

From the oaths of being a music engineer to now gracing us with the unique soundscapes of his work, Barnaby Keen is heading on the right path.

Jean-Mikhael - Neighbours are Calling

Infusing the fusion of old school funk with the modern approach of soul, riser Jean Mikhael explores the intimacies of a relationship within his latest release, 'Neighbours are Calling'.

As he follows the footsteps of Adele and Jessie J, the BRIT School graduate has gone from the stages of West Ends to charting the charts and makes a return with the glossy flavour of bittersweet R&B. Speaking on the track, the singer-songwriter explained: "It is also about me meeting someone and us both being connected so deeply from the beginning. It had us at a point we could see a future together from the start, but it never went to that next step. So we were always just trying to live in the moment and relive the day we saw each other for the first time. Everything just stayed surface level in the relationship. We would have amazing sex, and that’s all it stayed as. We both wanted more, but we were too scared to go to that degree of expressing ourselves, so it was just a constant rollercoaster of being in each others company and then disappearing and being back for a short period again. A constant cycle of feeding into a ‘bad habit’."

From his debut EP 'The Deal' to his first offering in two years, Jean Mikhael next step is one to keep your eyes on.

Foxxglove - Bad Timing

Welsh-based Foxxglove entwines within the effective soundscapes of alt-pop through her latest release, 'Bad Timing'.

Based on the concept of the bad times within a relationship, Foxxglove heart-wrenching vocal tones pull on the dark, euphoric production that swirls listeners into a journey of one experience. Speaking about the track, Foxxglove said: "The most important part of a song for me is the lyrics, that’s how I write my music at the moment, and I hope people can be empathetic to the emotional weight they carry. This song represents closure to me, and I hope others can find solace within the song - knowing they aren’t alone in their feelings.”

With the raw, emotional lyrics at the forefront of her music, the rising singer-songwriter ability to capture one feeling sets her out from her competitors.

Rona Mac - Weapon

As Wales pull through with a plethora of artists, Rona Mac catches us with the heartfelt yet gritty story of love, loss, and the craving for simplicity throughout her latest release, 'Weapon'.

Driven with the hooky guitar that flows between her distinctive vocals and pop tendencies, Rona reflects on the turbulent relationship that eventually came to an end. Speaking about the track, Rona explained: "I have to admit, I never thought I'd go this pop. I'd been in denial about the whole indie-pop genre till 'Weapon' wormed its way out of me one rainy morning locked up in the caravan. There's no going back, is there? I woke up with the riffs in my head, and as always it was a chunk of emotion that needed to be unpicked from under my skin. The song's message is simple - love can be a weapon, and there comes a point when messy love loses its allure, and all you want is something organic, simple and good (and not an oatcake).

As Rona takes on inspiration from Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Phoebe Bridgers, her approach to the world of music keeps her on the steps of ones to watch.

Mumble Tide - Sucker

Following their debut EP Love Thing, the rising duo Mumble Tide return with the chaotic yet fun 'Sucker'.

With the unique staple sounds of 90s production with Leonard's sugar-sweet vocals intact throughout, the Bristol-based bedroom duo flick between 'so long, so long, sucker' with the storming garage-infused guitars. Speaking about the meaning of the track, Leonard added: "This one is just a super fun track we threw together. It’s about feeling confident and free and moving on (or at least trying to). It’s about throwing the baggage off your shoulders and strutting away, but also accepting that it’s not that easy."

From the set of their bedrooms to gracing listeners across the UK, the glowing duo freedom is too infectious to ignore.

Monet - No Words

London native Monet once again showcases her abilities of effective R&B within the release of 'No Words'.

Through the sweet, intricate beats that draw between her hypnotic lyrical ability of poetry, Monet explores the themes of female empowerment throughout 'No Words'.

As she cites the likes of Lauren Hill and Solange, the rising rapper is on the cusp of something special as she prepares for her debut EP.

Skarma - Touch

As we enjoy the oaths of England, we fly over to Australia as rising producer Skarma delivers a euphoric breakthrough within 'Touch'.

With twinkling beats that pulsate through airy synths, Skarma delves into a deeper meaning of the emotional ups and downs of his past. Speaking about the track, he added: “‘Touch’ is much more of an emotional journey than my previous songs, moving from melancholy and complex emotions of sadness to hope and appreciation for life. I want people to be able to listen to this no matter what mood they are in and to feel that no matter where they are, life has purpose and joy.”

From one track to the next, the rising producer is reaching the heights of his counterparts of Shallou and Two Lanes.

Myriad - Cascades

South-coast indie rockers make a return in style with their latest release, 'Cascades'.

Drawing on the inspiration of Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats, the rising four-piece head into a new direction of fast-paced productions with the catalyst pounding of drums that upbeat through crunching guitar lines. As they reflect on their youth, lead singer David added: “'Cascades'” is centred on a young person balancing their feelings with the ever-changing responsibilities of adulthood in 2021. The music, it’s for an alternative community who feel alone and are going through tough times, especially now in the pandemic. It’s for gen-Z and anyone else feeling like they need something to express the spectrum of their everyday emotions.”

With a festival anthem to their name, Myriad are preparing for the release of their three-track project which will put their name on the music map.

BXB Love - Ignorance Song

Following the successful routes of her debut, 'matrix', BXB Love explodes throughout 'Ignorance Song'.

Through the genre-bending production of alt-rock that swells up with detailed soundscapes of infectious guitar alongside hazy layered vocals, BXB Love explores the celebration of self-discovery. Speaking about the track, she added: “Life is a performance, and we can choose the labels and identities that we use to express our being, without being attached to them. We get to grow, evolve, change, shed. And there's nothing to prove to anyone once you free yourself of the belief that you need to prove your worth or validate/justify how you choose to express your being. It’s my anthem to a generation that is rewriting what identity means and the ways in which we choose to express that."

From one hit to another, the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter continues to define the odds.

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