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With the summer breeze fading into our windows and another week has gone by, we return with our favourite tracks of the music scene.

Yellow Trash Can - Talk Nice to Me

Rising American duo Yellow Trash Can bass between the intersection of alternative rock with the nostalgic 90s pop within their latest release 'Talk Nice to Me'.

As they take inspiration from the likes of N.E.R.D and Blink 182, the upcoming outfit surf onto raucous percussions with the flow of echoed vocal tones. Speaking about 'Talk Nice to Me', Yellow Trash Can said: "‘Talk Nice to Me’ is a summer bop that brings us back to the beach every time the bassline hits. While Jitt’s vocal carries the lead, we feel like we hit a fun and nostalgic tone with this track putting together a combination of sounds."

With summer just around the corner, Yellow Trash Can bring it early to our doors in a light yet impactful fashion.

Amy May Ellis - A Fresh Drone

Bristol-based Amy May Ellis peeps into the tails of her youth and reflects on the past within 'A Fresh Drone'.

Based on the subtle joys of simplistic soundscapes with the backdrop undertones of sound bites of her friends and mum, Amy shares a stunning poetic offering that shows promise truth with her upcoming EP When In The Wind Out. "This song is about the freshness that comes with the changing of the seasons. There’s a moment in each transition when the wind changes temperature for the first time, and you can smell the new season in the air," she said. "This always brings a feeling of a memory, like when you wake up from a dream, and you can’t remember what happened, but the feeling is still there."

From the growths of York to now establishing herself within the sets of the South, Amy Mae Ellis is truly in her prime.

Spang Sisters - Thank You, Will Shortz

A mesmerising offering from rising Brighton outfit Spang Sisters as they delve within the comforts of our routines in 'Thank You, Will Shortz'.

Settled through the euphoric harmonies with the lustful guitar licks, Spang Sisters undeniable talent of infused genres is evident in their latest offering, 'Thank You, Will Shortz'. Speaking about the single, Richard explained: "'Thank You, Will Shortz’ is an ode to the editor of the New York Times Crossword. For many years, this particular puzzle has been a source of comfort and solace for me, so - at the dawn of lockdown - I thought it fit to pen him an ode in a time where sacred rituals were valued more than ever."

As they venture the routes of their debut album, the eccentric duo are winning over the hearts of many.

A2 - Not Mine & No Rush

South London enigma A2 continues his high rise into the music scene with his double release 'Not Mine' and 'No Rush' ft. Etta Bond.

As he prepares for his upcoming album, the latest two tracks prove his ever-evolving sound that captivates the moments he has experienced. With 'Not Mine' offering a mellow late-night soundscape that entwines with ambient vocal tones alongside pensive piano chords, 'No Rush' is his first collaboration in six years. A release that's helped with the soulful tones of London singer-songwriter Etta - delving past the boundaries of music and bringing new concepts into the genre of smooth RnB.

From one aspect to the next, A2 is slowly establishing himself as one to watch of 2021.

BILK - Bad News

Alongside the announcement of their upcoming EP Allow It, rising BILK roar into 'Bad News'.

From the chaotic 'Stop Pranging Out' to their latest single 'Bad News', the Essex-based three-piece infect us with Mike Skinner-Esque soundscapes with the adolescent raw energy of indie-rock that taps into a whirlwind of experiences. Speaking about the track, frontman Sol Abrahams' said: “A while ago I was really into this girl, and all my mates were saying she’s bad news, but I liked her so much, so I ignored their advice. This track's about how when you fancy someone, all rational thoughts kinda go out the window, and you start to only notice the good stuff and ignore the red flags that might be right in front of you.”

Prepared with the breakthrough year they have ahead, BILK are the new noise of UK music.

Eden Rain - Out In The Cold

Riser Eden Rain is on the cusp of something special with the stunning single 'Out In The Cold'.

Immersing through the oaths of Leeds, the young singer-songwriter (now based in London) crafts together heartful left-centre pop as she showcases off pensive songwriting with the flow of heavenly vocal tones within 'Out In The Cold'.

With only two singles to her name, Eden leads the way for Gen Z artists that path the routes of Holly Humberstone and Beabadoobee.

Joshua Luke Smith - Echo Chamber

An honest take on the reflection of one within 'Echo Chamber'.

Laden with the poetic lyricism with the flow of funk guitar and the thrill of female vocal tones, Joshua Luke Smith reveals the inner struggles of an artist and celebrates his highlights within his latest offering. Speaking more in-depth of the track, Joshua explained: "I wrote ‘Echo Chamber’ at 1AM in solitude during a writing retreat. It began as a stream of consciouses, an attempt to free myself from self-imposed creative restrictions and limitations and turned into something else. What initially felt like disconnected phrases and ideas merged into a celebration of the courage, strength and tenacity I have witnessed in our collective human spirit this past year."

From being raised in the outbacks of northern Pakistan to settling in Bath, Joshua look on life is a raw yet mature sight on the topics that affect everyone.

KNIGHT - Stay Stuck

On the rise, KNIGHT continues to sweep our hearts with the summer breeze of 'Stay Stuck'.

After gaining quite the reputation with work for Julianna Townsend and Effie, the East London based is venturing the solo career of dreams for his take on infectious bedroom pop. With hits 'Enough' and 'Chemtrail' gaining rapid attention, KNIGHT returns with the electronica laid-back 'Stay Stuck'.

As he keeps to his unique sounds, the rising producer is preparing his next steps into the world of music.

Tebi Rex & ROE - Hanging With Trees

Ireland continues to pull out wonders into the music scene, and it's no exception with hip-hop duo Tebi Rex who have teamed up with vocalist ROE with their latest single, 'Hanging With Trees'.

Following the high energy 'Oh It Hurts' - the Irish alternative Tebi Rex route down a twist of their original soundscapes but maintains upbeat productions alongside the delicate sweet vocal tones of ROE. Speaking about 'Hanging With Trees', the duo added: "It’s a song about a talking tree, who gives really good advice...she can be a bit blunt though."

With 2021 proving to be a busy year, the glimpses of their forthcoming album is an exciting one to keep your eyes on.

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