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Updated: May 2, 2021

With a slow start to the week, we make a return with our favourite hits from the past and slowly regain motivation.

Keni - Proximity

Rising 19-year-old Keni once again proves her worth with the razor-sharp 'Proximity'.

Following from the stunning single 'Sid & Nancy', the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter continues to storm into 2021 and delves into the dark and wonderful soundscapes of sophisticated pop. Speaking on the release, she stated: "Proximity: noun; nearness or closeness in space. I love this word so much. I wrote this song about being infatuated with someone who literally isn’t aware of your existence. The feelings I was having when writing it started to feel very high school to me, so there’s a lot of references directly related to experiences I had at that time - specifically with boys who didn’t know my name (hee hee)."

From only starting last year, Keni shows off her style in true fashion.

KK Lewis - First Bus Home

Taken from the forthcoming EP, KK Lewis gives glimpses of bittersweet dreams within 'First Bus Home'.

Delving into the reflection of adolescent love with all the confusion it comes, KK Lewis shares the story through delicate vocal tones with the flow of simplistic crafted beats. Discussing the new single, KK explained: "The song captures a memory in Dublin City in the early hours of the morning waiting for the buses to start running again after a night out. It depicts my later teenage years and explores how isolating love can feel and how quickly these emotions can overtake you and leave you feeling lost. Listening to this song now is like reading an excerpt from my diary. I can visualise the memory in my head so clearly, and even though it was such a confusing and lonely time in my life, I can look back now with some clarity.”

As she takes on the influences of Amy Winehouse and Arlo Parks, the hot off the mark singer-songwriter continues to keep high tabs within the music industry.

Luna Blue - How Does it Feel

Brighton-based Luna Blue bliss into Spring and prepare for the sunsets of summer with the hard-hitting single 'How Does it Feel'.

Exploring the themes of 'words mean nothing', the rising four-piece exhilarate through the influences of indie-rock and bring a new order of soundscapes within their first offering of 2021. Speaking about the meaning of the track, lead vocalist Tom added: “Often words mean nothing, as they’re spoken to how things feel ‘in the moment’. Words can be spoken passionately, angrily, and joyfully to try and get a grip on the unknown future which lies ahead, and often that fails. Breathe, take in the moment, accept where your heart is at and feel.”

With their upcoming EP due for this summer, Luna Blue are ready to storm the stages of summer.

The Novus - I Serve Not

Alongside the announcement of their debut EP Thaleia Standing, the fast-rising Midlands quartet come out of hiding with the emphatic release 'I Serve Not'.

Taken on influences from all corners, the gen-z The Novus latest release delves into the resentment they hold towards those who do not look after others. Through the capture of gritty riffs with the dark husk vocal tones, The Novus roar deep within the detailed lyricism. Speaking about the influence of the track, vocalist Connor Hill added: “It also represents the resentment of those who exploit people for self-gain. The lyric ‘it’s simple common sense’ came about from Jacob Rees-Mogg’s interview with LBC surrounding the Grenfell victims. It became so poignant in this track because it truly defines the ultimate meaning of this song.“

From one end of the sticks of Birmingham to now expanding their horizon, The Novus are slowly establishing themselves as an honest set of musicians.

Matt Ryder - Orbit

As we enjoy the ranks of Birmingham, Matt Ryder appears within the vortex of music with his latest EP, Orbit.

Whilst the unique sound is still fresh in our minds, there's a sense of vulnerability and rawness that streams within the three tracks and allows us to truly understand the artist. Speaking about this latest work, Matt explained: "I think the EP as a whole felt like such a jump for me, I’ve never really released or created anything as raw or open as the tracks that I have made here. I almost see the EP as a breather to allow air and space between releases. I would love to think that this music can show people a different side of me they wouldn’t necessarily see in my highly produced tracks.”

Through the style of electronic productions with the undertone of clean instrumentals - the 17-year-old submits to his most expansive work to date.

Zachary Knowles - dancing in the kitchen

American-based Zachary Knowles is reaching the next step of the music industry as he cements himself with the tender-sweet single, 'dancing in the kitchen'.

Rising through the oaths of Texas, Zachary Knowles emerged through the scene with is notably EP Magnolia and follows the paths of indie-pop tendencies as he delves into the feeling of being lazy with the one you love within 'dancing in the kitchen'. Speaking on the new single, Knowles said: "Honestly I just wanted to write a really happy song with this one. Usually, my songs have sad undertones, so I felt like it was time to write one that was just happy and felt good all the way through. When I’m doing the dishes, I always blare music and dance, so I wanted to share that feeling with others and give them something we could both dance to.”

From the first touches of his light-up keyboard to gifting us with sad boy realness, Zachary Knowles is in the midst of something special.

Tiana Kocher - Same Lame

On the rise, Tiana Kocher once again brings it to the table with the work of wonders throughout 'Same Lame'.

Teaming up with iconic T-Boz and Chilli, the LA-based singer-songwriter blends in the modern approach of 90s RnB with the nods of TLC's smash hit 'No Scrubs'. Speaking about the release, Kocher added: "Growing up, I’ve always listened to TLC, and I consider them one of my biggest inspiration when it comes to my music alongside SWV, Aaliyah, Brandy, Tamia and others. Working with T-Boz was a big ‘pinch me’ moment, and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. We wanted to create the “No Scrubs” of 2021, so this is how the song came about. I want this song to serve as a friendly reminder to always remember your worth."

As she continues to storm the world of RnB, Kocher radiant soundscapes with the flow of bold vocal tones keep you heart-struck of wanting more.

Slopes - Prove Them Wrong

A compelling glimpse into the mind of newcomer Slopes as he tells the story of ill-fated romance within 'Prove Them Wrong'.

As he already establishes himself behind the works of Ava Max and Alan Walker, LA-based Slopes is routing his own path in the music industry with the debut of rich-subtle pop alongside the raw storytelling of his experiences. Speaking about 'Prove Them Wrong, Slopes explained: “It’s about a couple in a small town being told, by everyone, they’re not right for each other. Nobody believes in the relationship, but they’re determined to prove everyone wrong. Things don’t work out, but despite it all, they arrive at a place of acceptance. There’s a spark of hope in the song: it was a ride, it was intense, but things are fine now."

With his debut hitting the mark, Slopes next step is one to keep your eyes on.

Candid - Through all the Fighting

An emotional uproar of the feelings we have all resonated within 'Through all the Fighting'.

With the helping hand of producer Rich Turbey, the rising Coventry four-piece touch on melodic rawness with the flow of poetic lines to capture the heartstring feelings of mental health. Commenting on the track, Rob said: “I’ll unabashedly admit this song is a place of sanctuary I’ve returned to on more than one occasion, and I’m sure many others will follow suit for years to come.”

Whilst they're known for raucous indie-rock, Candid honesty into a crack of vulnerability proves their ongoing growth into the music scene.

Lois Rae Ft. WYNTS - MIND

Teaming up with East London rapper Wynths, Lois Rae captures the essence of glossy RnB throughout 'MIND'.

Keeping to her touches of contemporary pop beats with the infusion of 90's inspired production, Lois Rae draws on the personal connection we have all been missing. Speaking about the track, Lois offered: “Sometimes we want that physical connection with a person, and that's the thing that keeps drawing us back in. ‘MIND’ is all about the feeling of desire, sometimes to the point of obsession."

From the influence of Aaliyah and Sade to crafting nostalgic yet unique soundscapes, Lois Rae is ready to cement her name within the ranks of 2021.

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