Vibez Release Radar

After a quiet weekend, we make a late return of our favourite tracks from the past week, and you're in for a treat.

Das Body - One Night Woman

Rising Das Body weaves between the ranks of Oslo to create a song of emotional integrity between the feelings of light and dark within 'One Night Woman'.

Photo Credit: Espen Røst

Giving us an insight into the one of a relationship, the Norweigan based singer-songwriter latest release is an exciting short cycle of synth-pop that chill between the sultry vocal tones. Speaking about the inspiration, Das Body added: "One night woman just doesn’t believe that she can be anything more than a one night woman. She can’t see herself contributing to a conventional relationship. It’s a mixture of having faith in oneself and not believing in love, or at least not being part of love herself”.

Against her debut album Peregrine to 'One Night Woman', Das Body next adventure is one to keep your eyes on.

The Party Slogan - Southern Eyes

From the borders of Norway to Edingburgh, we have travelled across the seas to The Party Slogan as they dabble into a new era within 'Southern Eyes'.

Between the overpowering guitar riffs with the abrupt flow of repetitive lyrics, 'we want answers', The Party Slogan distort their anger of the society they have experienced into a strong offering that gives us glimpses into their next project.

"The lyrics are based on a fictional conversation between a member of the ‘elite’ and their child. We wanted to try and place ourselves in the mindset of someone who was at the top of society and in their position through many generations of class, economical privileges and oppression," the band said.

Through the raw outtakes of 'Southern Eyes' alongside their rhythmic debut single 'The Man I Would Hate To Be' - The Party Slogan are slowly becoming the band that are on the cusp of something special.

Noisy x High Contrast Remix - 24/7

Fast-growing Noisy have worked wonders with heavyweight High Contrast to create an exponential journey of sonic landscape within the remix of '24/7'.

Through the atmospheric dancefloor soundscapes with the infusion of tight, textured drum beats, the welsh-born and established D&B pioneer has captured the escapism of the nostalgic night outs we have all missed and put into a compact four-minute remix.

Keeping to the values of Noisy, High Contrast brings an explosive edge to life and praises the work of one of the most exciting three-pieces to set out of the seas of Brighton.

Bebeluna - Cavity

Having already established themselves as an artist to watch, BEBELUNA continue their momentum into their stunning new project, Cavity.

From the soundscapes of hip-hop to indie, rising bedroom pop star BEBELUNA is at the heart of their best work as the UK underground music scene blossoms and find allies in the likes of Lava La Rue and TaliAble.

Following the selection by Nine8 Collective as part of Fred Perry All Tomorrow's Festival, BEBELUNA captures the imagination of their listeners, and Cavity projects them further.

Seprona - Phone Me Back

Liverpudlian five-piece Seprona return with a fuel-filled sonic of indie-pop within 'Phone Me Back'.

Through the melodic soundscapes of Liverpool legends alongside the flow of funky-punk guitars and abrupt riffs, Seprona delves into the human involvement of arguments. Speaking about 'Phone Me Back', the band explained: "The song is written, about someone getting drunk and ended up arguing with someone they like over something stupid. So they stormed off in a mood and how they are struggling to deal with all the mixed feelings that would go along with that situation. They regret it almost immediately as soon as they calm down a little bit, but they've already left, so they're constantly phoning the person to apologise, but they aren't answering."

Since emerging onto the music scene back in 2019, the band are ready to give fans what they want.

Naomi Banks - Same Room

London newcomer Naomi Banks continues to tick all the right boxes as she delves into the world of intricate soulful pop within 'Same Room'.

Through the subtle rich vocal tones with the complementation of heartfelt beats - Naomi wonders into the paths of challenges as she overcomes the aching feeling of love. Speaking about the track, the singer-songwriter explained: "This song is about grieving someone you love and seeing their face everywhere. Partly being driven crazy and partly comforted."

With the release of the EP, Meeting Again just around the corner, Naomi Banks lockdown succession proves to keep tabs as one to watch.


UK-based DAYTIME TV step out of the smoke and face the unprecedented 2021 with their emphatic release 'Zombie'.

Formerly known as folk-rock Hunter & The Bear, the Scottish rockers DAYTIME TV have once again switched it up with gritty production and haunting instrumentals as they come to terms with the society that is surrounded by the reliance on technology and loss of human contact. Speaking about their latest release, lead singer Will Irvine added: "The feeling of being ground down mentally by external forces and trying to break out of that cycle to find some clear headspace is something we can all relate to right now. Everyone puts on a brave face, but you never know what’s going on behind that mask."

From one venture to the next, DAYTIME TV are here to stay.

Emie Nathan - Norman

Crossing back and forth between London and New York, newcomer Emie Nathan debut 'Norman' is a bold opening for what's to come.

Buttoned up with the bitter-sweet beats alongside Maggie Rogers-esque productions, Emie Nathan first offering delves into her own feelings as she tackles the inner saboteur of experiencing a relationship. Speaking about 'Norman', the singer-songwriter said: "I wrote this song just over a year ago when I was a few months into a new relationship. It tackles the realisation of the fact that I was (more often than not) a glass-half-empty kind of person, having previously been sure that I always led with optimism. While not necessarily always a bad thing, I started to notice a default negative response within myself, sometimes evading accountability and worst of all, not giving myself credit where credit was due. This song marked the willingness to try and see things through a more positive lens, to allow myself to feel celebrated and seen by those who love me, and to hold myself to a higher standard."

Glistened with the multiple layers of optimism, Emie Nathan debut offers a strong backdrop into the years ahead.

Paris Texas - Force of Habit

Alongside the announcement of their debut project Boy Anonymous, LA duo returns with the brooding, explosive 'Force of Habit'.

Following from their previous singles, 'Situations' & 'Heavy Metal', the eccentric duo have earned worldwide attention and continue to fall between the oaths of ones to watch as they delve into the dizzying range of textures and moods.

With already a staggering start to their music careers, it is hard to see Paris Texas drop.

Louien - Deep Within

As we enjoy the steps of the UK music scene, we fly back to Norway for our final song as Louien heartwarming soundscapes within 'Deep Within' captures our heart.

Giving us another slice of her forthcoming EP No Tomorrow, Norwegian indie-folk singer-songwriter reverberates flat percussion with the subtle tones of heavy guitar strings. On her new track, Louien said: "Deep Within’ is about when a change is coming, when you feel the fibres of your body change. When you’ve worked so hard to feel better and do better, and you can feel how it pays off."

As she showcases her versatility, Louien is expanding her horizon to the next level.