Vibez Release Radar

Before we kick-off, new music Friday, the team at Vibez depict the last week and pick out their top ten release. From infectious popsicles soundscapes to the perfect grunge of indie-rock, there is something for everyone.

Columbia - Where Did It All Go?

Merseyside five-piece return in style with soaring riffs and grungy vocal tones within their latest release, 'Where Did It All Go?'

Written before the pandemic, 'Where Did It All Go?' possess a resemblance of time that's in touch with today's society as the detailed lyricism explores the life of businesses and nightlife in its non-existence form. Emphasised through the dark, powerful soundscapes, Columbia have steadily grown over lockdown and preparing for a high summer of tours and releases.

From support slots with The Sherlocks to gaining attention with BBC Introducing, Columbia are the new face of Liverpool.

Drew Lucas - Put Your Thoughts On Me Instead

Rising New-Yorker Drew Lucas debut 'Put Your Thoughts On Me' is a blissful summer breeze of enjoying the moment.

Artwork: Natalie - Photo Credit: Livia

Through the candid upbeat soundscapes with the subtle undertones of piano chords, Drew explores the internal fight between thinking and living. Speaking about his debut release, he added: "Ultimately, the track speaks to this feeling of being stuck inside of your own head, encouraging listeners to find the beauty in our moments of simply existing without being caught up in doubt, fear, and uncertainty."

As he establishes himself across the board, Drew Lucas next step is to look across the horizon and expands his ventures.

Rosie Darling EP - Coping

Emerging singer-songwriter Rosie Darling makes a stunning impact with her debut EP, Coping.

Bringing in influences of Sasha Sloan and Lany, the American newcomer latest project is a world of vulnerability yet growth as she comes to term her personal experiences of reality. From the title track 'Coping' to the gleaming 'Water Me Down' - Rosie six-track debut work is a journey of love and friendship, heartbreak, and loneliness to joyous revelations.

Keeping to her candid soundscapes throughout with sweet, delicate vocal tones, Rosie Darling continues to rise as one to watch of 2021.

Viktoria Vera - The Ocean

An exciting twist and turn of indie-electronic soundscapes and Boston based Viktoria Vera captures me with her latest release, 'The Ocean'.

Based on the juxtaposed feeling of being constricted in a city with the freedom she finds in the beauty of nature, Viktoria takes you on a relieving journey of the intricate blend of soul-vocals with the flow of undertone whispers between our ears. Speaking about the inspiration behind her latest release, Viktoria said: "My new single is about that feeling of longing for connecting with nature as you are feeling the call of duty.”

With her first offering of 2021 being a hit, Viktoria Vera has one year ahead of her.

Nat Berry - The Mood

Independent singer-songwriter Nat Berry brings pop-queer to life with his latest release, 'The Mood'.

Set around the experience of growing up as LGBT+ and the feeling of wanting to hideaway, Nat Berry brings glistening beats alongside dreamy soundscapes to share music with a viewpoint that he never saw as a child. Inspired by Dua Lipa and Troye Sivan with a splash of Dolly Parton - Nat continues to create unique soundscapes that differentiate him from his competitors.

With already ten years of experience in the world of music, Nat Berry is finally blossoming.

George Gretton - Clear

UK-based George Gretton intricate sonic production soars throughout his latest release, 'Clear' and prepares him for what is next.

Set around the theme of the present and past versions of yourself - the artist latest release is a concise example of what he is capable of. Speaking about the approach of 'Clear', he added: "It was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered all in a week. I usually like spending a long time pouring over every last detail of my songs, but I felt like this didn’t want to dilute at all. Just the concentrated ideas from one or two days and nothing else was all Clear needed."

If you are an old-school fan of Gorillaz and love a bit of Maribou State, George Gretton will be the next artist you will be hopping onto.

Laurel Smith - Out the Cage

North-London based Laurel Smith returns with her first offering of 2021 as she unleashes moody soundscapes within 'Out the Cage'.

Captured through a thrilling cinematic music video, Laurel delves into breaking out from your constraints, both physical and mental, through an infectious blend of multi-genres between dark electro-pop production with hazy RnB melodies. Adding to the story behind the single, Laurel said: "Although it can be interpreted, in any way - when I wrote it I created a story around a bored housewife, falling out of love with her husband, she fantasises about tying him up and leaving him to be a badass assassin in a video game type world, roaming the city at night and living a life of unpredictability and excitement."

Keeping to her staple soundscape of modern, dark pop, Laurel Smith holds a raw authenticity of imagination with no boundaries and one to keep your eyes on.

The Early Mornings - Blank Sky

Manchester three-piece The Early Mornings have slowly gained attention and return with a gritty yet meaningful release, 'Blank Sky'.

Through the wiry guitar riffs with the deadpan vocals from lead singer Annie Leader, The Early Mornings approach on pop melodies with a twist of grungy guitars is perfected through the ranks of their time in the music industry.

Alongside a nostalgic backdrop of their music video, The Early Mornings have also announced their debut EP Unnecessary Creation, due for summer.

BASH! - Favourite Things

Southampton new quintet BASH introduces themselves with a new look to indie-pop with their debut, 'Favourite Things'.

Sparkled with fizzy soundscapes and thunderous percussions, BASH explores the fakeness and frenemies of society and come to life through infectious pop production. As we enjoy the oaths of their debut, BASH! added: "The song came around during our chaotic last year at university. Definitely a sassy tune about being tired with navigating egos. There is a line about bolognese which comes from a Russian saying: hanging noodles on someone's ear, which basically means lying to someone."

With their debut being a statement of intent, the five-piece band is ready to storm 2021.

Litany x Oscar Scheller - Playlist

Well established Litany returns with newcomer Oscar Scheller for their latest single, 'Playlist'.

Blissed between sizzling production and inventive lyricism, the pair create a refined taste of pop and delve into the theme of playful love. Speaking about the inspiration, Litany explained: "We wrote this song a couple of sessions deep after I told him that I was obsessing over this playlist a dude sent to me and felt I was looking for hidden messages. Like, ‘OMG, does he love me ‘cos the first song is ‘Girl Like You’ by Edwin Collins?’ But Oscar was like, ‘THERE’S THE SONG RIGHT THERE.'"

Whilst Litany keeps to her hooked-filled soundscapes with diary entries lyricism Oscar adds a twist of alternative indie that creates the perfect blend for 'Playlist'.