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Vibez Release Radar

As we come near to Friday and the sunset faints behind the clouds, we make a return with a double release radar of our favourite tracks of the week.

BLÁNID - Fool's Gold

A raw yet hopeful offering from rising BLÁNID as she brings indie-folk perfection with her debut 'Fool's Gold'.

Delving into the feeling of unrequited love, the bittersweet soundscapes of soaring guitars flow along with the whispered vocal tones as listeners lose themselves in the world of her events. Speaking about her latest release, she added: "'Fool’s Gold' is a personal story of heartbreak. I wanted to communicate the hopelessness of loving someone who doesn’t love you back and knowing that, however irrational, your feelings for them will always be the same”.

Whilst BLÁNID is still new to the game, the singer-songwriter shows uniqueness that will set her out from others.

This Is The Deep - Glass

East-London newest addition, This Is The Deep, are becoming the collective we will all be listening to as their latest single 'Glass' is psych of wonders.

Through pounding drums with the touch of stifle synths, This Is The Deep blend infectious production of jazz with funky hip-hop beats to catch the feeling of falling. "The song is about the idea of falling and the feeling of something foreboding happening as the result of over-reaching," said the band. "There are different ways to interpret the lyrics; they can apply to the excesses of late capitalism, our unbalanced position with the natural world, as well as a relationship between two people."

Alongside a mesmerizing music video by the band themselves, they have also announced their highly anticipated debut EP, The Best Is Yet To Come (Part 1), due this May via B3SCI Records.

Janette King - Airplane

Montreal-based producer and artist Janette King make a stunning return with her heart set on infectious R&B that throbs throughout 'Airplane'.

Photo Credit: Sarah Armiento

Set on the basis of sadness and anger that comes with the end of a relationship, King takes it on to learn from the loss and empower her independence. Speaking about her latest offering, King said: "This is a song about realizing that you need to let go of great love. Feeling angry that your lover wants to move away and that, in turn, means the end of the relationship. There is a sour energy to this song, but there is also a sense of empowerment."

With the announcement of her debut album, What We Lost, due this June via Hot Tramp Records, Janette King is on the right path to success.

Castells - Falling For You

Taken from their forthcoming EP Viola, Kent based indie-four-piece latest offering is a euphoric journey of love.

Through the weaved intense production alongside emphatic guitar riffs, 'Falling For You' is fulfilled with the heartfelt sincerity of one leaving everything for another. Written from the perspective of lead singer Connor Crooks, the foundation of his smooth vocals lay between the nostalgic rhythm and creates a perfect offering.

From their electric live performances to the eyes of watchers, fans of Declan McKenna and Vistas will soon be jumping onto them.

Richie Quake - Rules

From the other side of the world, Brooklyn based Richie Quake keeps me in awe with his latest single, 'Rules'.

Delivered through the influences of pop and R&B, Richie groovy falsetto wrap around possessive guitar riffs that give off a vintage twist between the detailed, modern production. As we follow the journey of his own love, Richie explained: "'Rules’ is about falling in love with someone against your better judgement and the confusion or guilt that comes along when love and bad timing coincide."

With Ritchie continuing his rise to the top, we will have 'Rules' on repeat.

RoseeLu - Playing Alone

19-year-old Danish newcomer is a delight to the music industry as she intertwines alt 90s with modern pop within her latest offering 'Playing Alone'.

From growing up surrounded by music to moving to Copenhagen at the age of 17, RoseeLu latest single delves into the natural feeling of wanting to contemplate by ourselves. "I have always been soul searching and contemplating with my inner self, where both good and bad rules," she said. "From a very young age, I learned that if anybody should have a chance to understand me, I needed to express my exact feelings instead of acting like an erupting volcano and exposing my vulnerability, which usually leads to misunderstandings. I write songs to get my unprocessed feelings out in the open and to clear my head."

Through the touch of hip-hop with futuristic soundscapes, RoseeLu 'Playing Alone' hints at a lot more to come from one of the most exciting prospects of Denmark.