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Vibez Release Radar

Before we hit the road of new music Friday, we look back at our top five releases of the week. From alt-perfection to dazzling pop, check out all releases below.

Los Retros - It's Got To Be You

Formerly known as Mauri Tapia, the rising indie-sensation makes his return with a psych-soul offering 'It's Got To Be You' alongside the announcement of his Spring EP Looking Back.

Photo Credit: Ross Harris

Taken influence from his heritage and infusion of South American pop to 90s hip-hop, Los Retros' latest offering is a woozy gem that gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from his next project. With his new collection being a journey of his past, he adds: "We hope you enjoy your ride back to 2017 with this one.”

From his breakout hit Someone To Spend Time With to venture into a new world of music, Los Retros continues to show his worth.

Chiiild - Sleepwalking

Canadian based Chiiild might have spent years honing his sound, but it's finally paying off with his return of 'Sleepwalking'.

Taken from his upcoming sophomore album Hope For Sale, Chiiild presents a kaleidoscopic track that delves into the life of our individuality and reclaims against the fragments of expectation. As he continues to blend pop-RnB within jazz, 'Sleepwalking' is the perfect example of his tales.

Since emerging onto the musical scene, the singer-songwriter is truly on his way to success.

Nuela Charles - Space

Canadian's singer-songwriters are gifting us with new music, and Nuela Charles latest 'Space' is the perfect example of that.

Written before the pandemic, 'Space' still resonates within us as it delves into the honest response of needing space from others. Speaking about her latest release, Charles added: "We’re all longing for personal interactions, but for the safety and wellbeing of everyone, we’re told we need to separate. The one thing no one wants. Space gives you the right to be in your feelings about it for 3 minutes and 30 secs.”

Through the smoky production of soul-pop that runs between the groovy bass, 'Space' is the bliss of wonders that keeps on giving.

Murman - Achilles

London based duo Murman come alive once again with the dark yet upbeat offering 'Achilles'.

Being their first release of 2021, Murman juxtaposes the gritty classic rock production alongside a playful tempo that's addictive through our ears. Speaking of their new release, drummer Abbi said: "We wanted to create something fun, writing quite playful lyrics and adding in a heavier breakdown to mix things up. It’s one of our favourite songs to play live.”

As they continue to take London by storm, the rising duo are soon expanding their horizons across the border.

Tom Williams - Follow the Leader

South Coast-based Tom Williams returns with the announcement of his upcoming album alongside the release of the dark yet captivating title track 'Follow the Leader'.

Known for his melodically rich, classic soundscape, Williams takes on a new approach of songs that delve into the pre-and post-lockdown life and is glimpsed within 'Follow the Leader'. A track that explores the feelings of anger, confusion, and resentment, described by Tom as: "An angry swipe at the elders in power that swore they knew best."

With the new album set for July and celebrates, ten years since his debut album - Tom Williams work shouldn't be ignored.