Vibez Release Radar

Since the start of 2021, music has been flying left, right and centre, with artists eager to set the stages across this summer as hope lightens up fans.

Whilst we have been quiet with Release Radar - we are back in hindsight to share with you, readers, what we have been listening to the past seven days and, you are in for a treat.

Bachelor - Anything at All

Acclaimed indie-pop stars Jay Som and Palehound have merged their sounds within each other to create their latest project, Bachelor.

Formed amid pre-quarantine 2020, the unique duo holds together not just a band but a rarity friendship that leads into an exciting debut from Bachelor as they erupt through funky basslines alongside the heavy undertones of the production.

Speaking about their latest offering, the duo explained: "One morning Melina was showering and, this bass line idea just stuck in her head. She went downstairs to play it, waking Ellen, who then came down, and joined in on the drums and started recording. After we got the basic track down, we wrote lyrics about queerness, lust, and longing. Writing and recording 'Anything at All' was a natural process and, releasing it now feels very hopeful and joyous to us."

Barley Passable - Hindsight

Australian rising duo are on the cusp of becoming something special as they bring the beats to town with their debut EP 'Hindsight'.

As they keep to their French-touch incisions, the duo brings a modern twist to retro synthesizers with sparkling-fuelled melodies. From the latest track 'Silver' to 'Forget', listeners are fitted through an EP that travels through the new era of nightlife. While they make us beg for the late nights out, blissed by glistening strobe lightings and finessed beats, lies the deeper meaning of reminding us who we are.

Speaking about their debut project, the duo added: "This EP is our way of returning to various scenes over the last few years, from the first time we met, and speaking to these situations, as they still run on repeat in our minds. It is a constant reminder telling us to remember exactly who we are, to trust our heads and to be passionate and happy. Most importantly, we hope it does the same for all who listen.”

Millie Turner - Concrete Tragedy

Even though she has kept quiet over the past few months, Millie Turner doesn't forget how to create an exponential journey through her latest dance-pop anthem, 'Concrete Tragedy'.

Born and raised in the oaths of East London, Millie encapsulates the feeling of dancing through the streets as sunrises disappear behind the flickered lights of the city - through wonky beats, alongside the unbeatable tone she possesses.

Whilst our imagination takes our own route, Millie adds: "'Concrete Tragedy' takes place in the late-night streets of London, when the world is asleep, but your imagination is alive! It encapsulates the liberating feeling of dancing through streets alone with the shadows you become so in-tune and in love with the world in darkness and yourself in it.”

Sydney Sprague - Maybe I Will See You at the End of the World

Arizona based singer-songwriter Sydney Sprague has slowly bought together a fierce statement within her debut album 'Maybe I Will See You at the End of the World'.

Brimming across ten-tracks, Sydney authentic take on indie-rock with a splash of pop creates a nostalgic soundscape that can't be ignored. From hit singles 'i refuse to die' to 'steve', the artist delves in between heavy potent melodies and layered soundscapes that's bought together by the personal lyricism she gives us.

Released via Rude Records, Sydney Sprague start to her music journey is not one for the faint-hearted.

Bedrooms - For Today

Dublin quartet Bedrooms shoegaze between hazy vocals and subtle guitar riffs throughout their first offering of 2021 in 'For Today'.

Taken from their forthcoming debut EP 'The Afterglow', Bedrooms delve into the influences of Duster and Alex G to create their own pattern of music, which has led to a complex slow-burner - capturing listeners with a deeper meaning throughout the ranks of the production.

Speaking about the single lead vocalist, Dane Staunton said: "'For Today' is a song we feel is our most ambitious to date. The song took shape over a period of months of being played live with some subtle changes being made to the arrangement over time." He added: "The song is a development of sounds we became interested in while working previously with Daniel Fox from Girl Band."

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