Vibez Release Radar

Welcome to the last release radar of 2020. As we come to a close, we have picked our final five tracks of the week that we think you should go and listen to.

Post Rome - The Idea of Having a Boyfriend

Following on from their continuous support and earlier singles of 2020, Post Rome are back with 'The Idea of Having a Boyfriend' that's going to set them off as Northern ones to watch.

Through rapturous vocals with the attentive ambition of alt-rock production; that flows with the splashed sense of pop - Post Rome are simply doing what they love. Speaking about their latest single, drummer Jamie Martin explained: "This is a song that does what it says on the tin, ‘the idea of having a boyfriend’ explores the feelings of people who simply, just like having a partner rather than liking the person themselves.”

From a solid 2020 to now setting their 2021 plans for a reality; Post Rome trio are hitting all the right spots.

Maltida Bond - To Time From Time

From her birthplace in Stockholm to a newfound home in Brighton, Swedish singer-songwriter presents a soulful soundscape that's too hard to be ignored.

Taking influence from 'Painted Poem' by Aldo Tambellini, 'To Time From Time' takes a lyrical dive into the tangibility of emotions within love, lies and darkness. Through a lyrical venture, listeners delve into the artist's personal experiences but, the metaphorical emphasises gives listeners to take their own meaning of the song.

As she depicts her alluring vocals with abstract lyricism, Matilda Bond takes an infused influenced of Ella Fitzgerald with Lianne LaHavas to create her unique sound.

Anna Shoemaker - Silver Cowboy Boots (ft. Invisible Will)

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter glistens R&B tinged pop with a flair of multi-layered lyricism throughout her latest single 'Cowboy Boots (ft Invisible Will)'.

Taking the influence of taking a heartbreak in your own stride, the 26-year-old has caught the eyes of others through vibrant yet intimate soundscapes. Speaking about her,# latest single, she said: "I wrote this song after my ex and, I broke up for the second time. He seemed to be doing fine and, I was still heartbroken. I was in the studio sad, hungover, and wearing these insane silver Fendi cowboy boots I had bought myself and was just like, you know what, maybe this is fine?"

As she continues to rock Soundcloud for her dreamy bedroom pop, Anna is now leaping to the big guns of the music industry.

Pilar Victoria - Flustered Snowflakes

At only 14-year-olds, the Argentine-American artist Pilar Victoria is ticking all the right boxes within the music industry.

As she captures the serenity of the winter season throughout 'Flustered Snowflakes' for the lush strings and intimate vocals; Pilar Victoria has still given space to grow into the best she can. Speaking about the single, she said: "Flustered Snowflakes’ is a song I wrote last year during the wintertime,” says Pilar. “I’ve always liked the holiday season and thought a snow globe was a cool concept for a song, so I based my inspiration off of that!”

From writing at 12-years-old to now gaining over a million of streams on Spotify alone; Pilar Victoria is one to watch.

Serotones - Are You Listening

Having built a name for their infections live shows, the five-piece rock band are back with their anthemic single 'Are You Listening'.

Photo Courtsey of Deadly Records

With grungy guitar strings alongside the rapturous drumbeats, Seretones capture the resonation of alt-rock production. Speaking about their latest single, vocalist Duke Witter said: "is about a young man wanting to go with a lady of the night and sort of planning it all in his head but then not going through with it.”

As they surpass over 100,000 streams on their eponymous EP; Seretones have a huge year ahead of them.

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