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Vibez Release Radar

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Welcome back to Vibez Release Radar, where we pick some of our favourite releases from the week. Ranging from infectious pop tunes to grungy indie anthems - there's a bit for everyone.

Bow Anderson - 'Island'

London based, Scottish singer and songwriter has graced us with her latest single 'Island'.

Following her recent track 'Heavy; and viral debut single 'Sweater'; 'Island' confirms her potential as one of the freshest young voices of UK pop's scene. Infusing her lifelong love of early Rihanna alongside 60's soul, Anderson creates a raw empowering anthem about women standing up for themselves.

With only three singles to her name, Bow Anderson stands out as a competitor as she turns her life into gold pop.

Daniel Briskin - 'Boy on The Lake'

North London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist/ singer and songwriter has made his US debut with a modestly beautiful miniature pop symphony 'Boy on The Lake'.

Taking inspiration from Mean Creek, a 2004 cult film about a lakeside prank that spirals out of control, Briskin attempts to emphasise with the coming-of-age story's antagonist, as he said: "Saw someone feeling weird, remote and small, and it struck me that so much of human nature is based on a need for validation." 'Boy on The Lake' is from Briskin's forthcoming mixtape, 'Forever Was A Feeling' that captures his feelings through dark pop, with a glimmer of light.

At only 19-years old, the singer and producer has caught the eye across the globe for his unique vision that creates him quite the modern pop star.

Burning Pools - 'Bang Bang'

Led by former Smashing Pumpkins bassist Ginger Pooley, garage rock collective, Burning Pools have released their debut single 'Bang Bang'.

Featuring gritty, distorted guitars, crashing percussion and emotive 70s punk-inspired vocal, 'Bang Bang' is the first release of their debut EP. Speaking about their latest project, the EP is a critique of the hierarchy of our value system and Ginger shares: “It’s nothing new for music to be a voice of criticism of our culture. That is the purpose of a lot of art. This is just my way of expressing my frustration with the priorities of modern society. Valuing money over everything, undervaluing women and people of colour Hopefully our songs make people who are of the same accord feel heard and supported. There is so much injustice in the world, we hope to be a part of the solution in some small way.”

With a series of studio and touring credit throughout all three members from Gwen Stefani and Weezer; Burning Pools are destined for sell-out arena tours.

Jack Henderson - 'Don't Drink the Water'

Taking inspiration by the original outlaw bluesman Robert Johnson, 'Don't Drink the Water' is a devilish single that dares to dance with the dark side.

Led by Henderson's smoky husky vocals, the single is filled with ragged blues and New Orleans piano stomp; that is taken from his new album 'Where's the Revolution' (out October 2nd).

Nearly 20 years on from his acclaimed debut ‘Cheap Tattoo’, Jack Henderson still has it that set him apart from the songwriting pack.

Novo Amor - 'If We're Being Honest'

Taken from his new album 'Cannot Be Whatsoever', the Welsh singer and producer continue to explore his fascinating and unique story that sees his masterful songwriting and production pushed even further.

'If We're Being Honest' is the perfect fit for his next chapter of the story as it becomes enthralled with the idea of inhabiting a specific time and place and the deep sense of belonging that comes with it.

Following his announcement of his second self-produced studio album as Novo Amor, he has also announced a hugely anticipated UK and EU tour that will give him the chance to perform his new album live.