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Vibez Release Radar

Look who's back, back again - Vibez Release Radar once again picks out their top singles of the week. Let's not forget these are not from Friday release, so read below and find out some top tunes.

Tiiva - Waves

Taking inspiration from the likes of Charli XCX and FKA Twigs, Tiiva delves into raw emotional pop that looks within the heights of love and mental health.

Through intimate lyrics that takes wind with woozy synths; Tivva makes the track too enjoyable to not, be stopped. Speaking about the single, Tivva said: "'Waves' is about completely losing time, finding out that time hasn’t actually stopped and, we’re late for everything. It’s about an untouchable feeling that you have to write down because the mundane words of everyday sentences could never describe it."

Known for their unique remixes, Tiiva jumps into a debut fulfilled with euphoric soundscapes as Tiiva expresses an honest journey.

BINNY - Prime

Alongside 808 bass sounds with the infused experimental pop, Maryland based BINNY encapsulates his bright side of confidence and sass within 'Prime'.

Following his personal 'glow up', BINNY from a young age has not stopped pursuing music as he takes joys of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to create his own sound. Speaking about his journey, BINNY explained: "By the time I entered my 20s, I worked on finding peace within myself and, started embracing everything about myself. I became more confident, outspoken and creative.

Aside from the music career, BINNY creative side blossoms throughout theatre and fashion. With worldwide attention, BINNY still has space to grow and, we can't wait to see what the future holds.

Slenderbodies - Cherry Blossom

Los-Angeles based duo are back with a stunning return showcasing their love for dream-pop within 'Cherry Blossom'.

As they delve into detailed crafted arrangement alongside nostalgic falsetto vocals, Slenderbodies uplifts listeners before 2020 ends with an embodiment of positive soundscapes. Speaking about the duo said: "We went in the studio with Jeremy from Marian hill at the top of the year and he was working with a ton of granular synthesis on vocals and foley samples." They added: "We were super inspired by this, so when we sat down to write cherry blossoms, we wanted to apply the same technique to our guitar. Every synth in the song is some amalgamation of vocals or guitar, granularized and melded with other found sounds."

Since emerging onto the scene back in 2016, Slenderbodies have given us mature infectious music.

Otzeki - Max Wells-Demon

Two years after their breakthrough debut album, the electronic-punk duo Otzeki are back with an insightful groove in their new single 'Max Wells-Demon'.

Photo Credit: Holly Whittaker

Winding through rapturous bass as they recall lightning 90s electronic hip-hop across a mesmerising seven-minute track; Otzeki have continued to hone their sound. Speaking about their video Mike said: "The lyrics for our album ‘Now is a long time’ centre around a character called ‘Max Wells-Demon’ and I wanted to somehow convey this character through a cinematic lens." He added: "In spite of the original inspiration behind the video we’re also a live band and were being encouraged by our label to make a live video for the folks at home unable to attend shows. So we took this initial idea to Sonder who helped us adapt our vision into a performance video but keeping the cinematic feel."

From a drunken jam to now touring the world, the project of cousins are an exciting proposition that's leading to their sophomore album 'Now is a Long Time’.

Tate McRae - r u ok

Leading the way as one for 2021, Tate McRae shows yet another side to her artistry with her latest single 'r u ok'.

Known for her unmissable vocal ability alongside her exceptional dance moves, Tate McRae give listeners an emotional intake that is emphasised by fiery productions. "'r u ok' is a song that I never thought I'd write," said McRae. "I love that in this song, there is a lot of emotional meaning behind the lyrics, with very trappy, bright and, contrasting production at the same time."

As she continues to break the internet, Tate McRae is a force not to be messed about with.