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We are back again (slightly late), but we have some great hits from the nostalgic 'Nervous' to the funky 'La Primavera', we have something for everyone.

Ramera - Nervous

Canadian-Filipino artist Ramera is embracing the city of London as she continues to grace us with a nostalgic groove within 'Nervous'.

Inspired by modern pop fever infused with 80s synths, Ramera delivers a fresh take on her soundscape as she captures the unknown emotions of her own experiences. Alongside the delicate vocals that shimmer through the crisp beats, listeners can resonate with what she is feeling through a funky journey.

The independent artist, who is known for music production and sound engineering has taken the next step into singing and could be the one to watch.

Ben Kidson - Sweet

London-based artist is back with an infused take on distorted grunge-pop that sees him delve into the full emotions of love.

Ben Kidson

Through dark electro hooks, that capture the emphasise of the hard-hitting melodies; Ben brings it together for the listeners to beat to with a raw tone to his vocals. Emerging through the confined spaces of his bedroom, Ben is fastly establishing himself as an artist that is still keen to hone his sound.

As 2020 comes to a close (something we have all been waiting for), Ben Kidson is looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings.

Tragic Sasha - SHH - Louis La Roche Remix

Rising star Tragic Sasha has given her trust in the hands of Louis La Roche, as he excellently crafts a highly danceable remix that offers a new sound yet keeping to Tragic Sasha's trait.

Honing together funky bass and driving percussions, Louis La Roche novels his instrumentation dials with leading melodies that keep to satirical pop. Speaking about the remix, Sasha said: "It's really, really fun and I've been dancing around it a few too many times..."

Sasha isn't the only one who's been having the latest remix on repeat as I write this my feet are tapping below the table. With already making a name for herself from success from BBC Radio 1 and The Great Escape, Tragic Sasha is for you to keep your eyes on.

Liam Mour - Nineteen Ninety

Taking a bite of his upcoming EP, Liam Mour delves into the reflection on his of birth through a complex yet lush single 'Nineteen Ninety'.

The Berlin-based composer once again proves he is on the rise, as he brings dreamy productions to life alongside dance-floor jewels beats that should not be ignored.

With such a specific yet unique sound to his artistry; Liam Mour 2020 is a year to remember, but 2021 looks like it's going to bring all the heat.

The Indios - La Primavera

Infused with English and Spanish inspirations, The Indios bring a soulful, upbeat single to our doors within 'La Primavera'.

Photo Credit: teosnaps

Brimming with reggaeton swing and laidback beats, the London-based Colombian band puts listeners in a highly, enjoyable trance of catchy productions. Speaking about the single Contento explained: "

This is a love story... but it's also, an intimate, anthem portraying the tension of letting someone into your life for the first time."

With the merge of Urban Latin influences with British pop, The Indios latest single 'La Primavera' is fulfilled with charisma.

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