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Vibez Release Radar

We are back and, it's that time of the day where we share our top five tracks of the week.

Zanillya - Sacrifices

Taken from her upcoming EP, Zanillya delves into a place of reflection and inner strength through an infused R&B approach to her production.

Alongside a well-crafted track of soulful beats and ethereal vocals, the Amsterdam based artist allows herself to bring closure within her self-directed music video. As she visualizes the inspiring journey of where she has got to today, she shared about the process and said: "It was the most amazing and hard thing I have ever done, but because of it I feel so much more empowered. Even though the video didn’t come out completely how I envisioned, I learned so much. I think that is the beauty of believing and investing in yourself. You will fall and make mistakes, but they will be yours. You can choose to grow and learn from them, or to give up and never reach your own potential."

With a true meaning to her lyricism and production, Zanillya is now gearing up her debut EP; blending a diverse mix of influences that delves into the life of mental illness, self-doubt and empowerment.

Ash Shakur - Anna's Arcade

With the inspiration of video games as a metaphor for life's obstacles, Ash Shakur delves into a nostalgic-fulled track 'Anna's Arcade' of boom beats and playful soundscapes.

Known for his leftfield approach on hip-hop, the south Londoner brings to the table smooth melodies and catchy choruses that takes listeners down memory lane. Speaking about the joys of video games and the single, he explained: "I want Anna's Arcade to be the place you think about having the most fun. Every time you listen, I want to bring you back to this feeling.”

As he continues to wow fans across the world, Ash Shakur is also at the heart of Art Life Central - a collective that expresses creativity and freedom through music and fashion and something you should keep your eyes peeled.

Izzy Warner - Untamed

Through hypnotic vocals and pulsating synths, the London based singer-songwriter brings an alt-pop gem for us to bop to.

Delving into the risks of love, 'Untamed' is a fizz of electro-pop. Speaking about the single, Izzy said: " ‘Untamed’ is about reckless abandon and surrendering to your senses. Knowing that your lover may not be for keeps and being ok with either. Going with the flow and living in the moment. Saucy carnal mindfulness if you will. I wanted to combine sexy with euphoric. To convey a visceral lusty vibe, we wanted wonky sexy bass wrapping around and flirting with lover and listener while I tell them exactly what I want. Then for the chorus a big dancey eruption of synth-pop to convey that elated release you get from great sex and truly surrendering to feeling. We all need to dance right now more than ever."

With a euphoric dance anthem to her name, Izzy is embracing a new adventure as she's currently in the work of new music.

Oscar Jerome - Breathe Deep Remixes

Yes, we know, it isn't a single, but we couldn't ignore Oscar Jerome and the remix of 'Breathe Deep' that features reworks from the likes of Joe Armon-Jones to Shy One.

Taking a small part of his debut album that brings a joy of jazz as he celebrates the creative community around him. Oscar Jerome allows highly anticipated DJs to rework the room; creating narcotic visuals and electrifying beats, bringing listeners into an altered state of mind of the DJ world. Keeping to the jazz influences that Oscar Jerome applied from paying tribute to George Benson and 60s Latin American soul; the producers of the rework bring a familiarity taste with a twist to it.

Alongside the infused remix, Oscar Jerome will also be taking to the road as he prepares for his 2021 UK and European headline tour.

carolesdaughter - violent

Through captivating lyrics and sombre beat alongside creaky acoustic guitars, 'violent' delves into the reality of toxic relationships.

Known for bringing in personal experiences into her music, the 18-year-old South California singer-songwriter turns them into soothing, alternative pop that resonates with her fellow listeners. Speaking about the single, she said: "I was in a toxic relationship when I wrote it. I was just fed up, and I released it. It was a real moment. I guess people recognize it.”

With a lo-fi approach infused with bedroom acoustics that is elegant to our ears, carolesdaughter is a one to watch for 2021.