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Back again on a cold winter Thursday evening as I gather our top five picks for this week’s release radar. From girl in red Christmassy single to the post-punk track from TV People, we have something for everyone.

Circe - Dancer

London-based dark-pop artist Circe is back with her eerie slow burner 'Dancer' that gives us an insight into her debut EP 'She's Made of Saint's'.

Taking her joy of influences such as Bjork and FKA Twigs, Circe delves into her penchant for addressing societal power dynamics; emphasised through dystopian storytelling by detailed lyricisms and electronic soundscapes. Speaking about the single, she said: "'Dancer’ is a song that grew from a documentary I watched about The Source Family cult from California, examining a radical experiment in 1970's utopian living. One of the young girls involved from the cult had a line in an interview about how she gave up all ownership of herself for the cult leader, 'Father Yod', even dancing."

With her debut EP just around the corner, Circe haunting yet intriguing approach to music is one for you to keep your eyes peeled on.

Cameron O’Neill - Limousine

Edmonton-based multi-instrumentalist has landed onto the music scene with his debut single 'Limousine'.

Cultivating an infused sound of classic funk with R&B, sees Cameron's angelic voice groove alongside 80s beats. Speaking about the track, he said: "I wanted to write a song in the style of that early 80s “Cadillac funk”, artists like Zapp and Mtume. “Limousine” is a love letter to those tunes, the kind of song you can crank when you’re cruising through the city on a hot Friday night with the sun going down."

As he continues to focus on writing and producing original music, Cameron has created a unique sound of modern indie that we all should be hopping onto.

TV People - String

Dublin post-punk indie quartet have once again proved why their top of the pile with their dark yet alluring final single of the year 'String'.

Taking inspiration to the likes of Interpol and Editors with punk-tinged undertones and slowed guitar lines, the four-piece attention shines as they reflect on "addiction and self-destructive behaviour as a coping mechanism for life's problems" said, frontman Paul Donohoe. He added: "The song is about the feelings of hopelessness, regret and, frustration that I've felt in the past when I've been stuck in that situation and, the damage that they do to your mind over time."

With a driving beat alongside deep monetized vocals, TV People have continued to hone their craft which has seen them have one hell of a year.

Waxflower - Again

Marking the beginning of a new era, rising four-piece Waxflower have returned with their anthemic single 'Again'.

Having collaborated with Caitlin Henry of Australian rock band Eat Your Heart Out. Frontman, Tristan Higginson's raw and emotive vocals compliment the added touch of Caitlins voice that comes together by the band's sheer of nostalgic melodies and catchy hooks; bringing a unique look on alternative rock. Speaking about the single, Tristain said: "'Again' is a mantra of hope. A reminder of my capacity to heal when times inevitably get tough. Although it does touch on those times, there is a vein of optimism running through the song that’s new for us."

Having only formed last January, Australian based Waxflower are only at the start of their journey that will see them evolve into a world-leading band.

girl in red - two queens in a king sized bed'

An early Christmas wonder that gives hope and warmth for even the cold-hearted within 'two queens in a king sized bed'.

Taking the traditional approach of a Christmas song about love and the holiday festivities, girl in red aka Marie Ulven continues to stay true to her music with playful darkness to her lyrics that is contrasted with joyful pop hooks. Speaking about the song, girl in red said: "Reminiscing about a Christmas I had with a person I love. When laying in bed glued to their body didn’t feel close enough. When we wanted every second to last forever."

With her yet to be named debut album in the works, Norweigan superstar girl in red is closing off a year she will never forget.

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