Vibez Release Radar

Welcome back to Vibez Release Radar, where we pick out five of our favourite tunes of the week - admittedly not all from this week though. From infused retro funk to dark electropop, this week has bought us a range of genres.

Spang Sisters - Eddie Murphy

London-based duo, Spang Sisters are back with their 70s retro-infused funk-pop single 'Eddie Murphy'.

Alongside their psychedelic rock textured to their song, Spang Sisters provided us with a minimalist music video that portrayed the human narrative of falling in love through a sausage and fish finger. Capturing the true feeling through detailed lyricism that is emphasised by the uncanny yet interesting video, the duo now sees their hard work selected for screening at London's Short Film Festival.

With their debut album on its way, Spang Sisters are no strangers to the music scene; hosting regular DJ nights and their own show on London's Balamii Radio. I don't think it's going to be the last we hear from them.

Victory Brooks - Blind to Love

After huge success with her debut single, Los Angeles based, Victory Brooks is back bigger and louder with an anthemic heartbreaker 'Blind to Love'.

Originally founding love for rock, the singer-songwriter has now become more versatile as she catches our hearts with dreamy vocals and catchy melodies. 'Blind to Love' is a vibrant pop fever that is for anyone who is experiencing heartbreak. As she continues to share her life experiences, the artists' music is becoming an intimate journey that is continuing to grow.

Don't forget to check out her latest single here - you'll be missing out otherwise.

Polly Money - In the Dark

Taken from her debut EP 'Trip2020', the London based singer-songwriter delves into the realisation you still want the intimacy of an ex but not the relationship 'In the Dark'.

Through joyful indie-pop production and groovy beats, Polly Money opening single 'In the Dark' sets a tone for the rest of the EP. As she explores her queer identity and the impact of breakups throughout the six-track mixtape, listeners delve into the growth she has continued to show.

With hit singles 'Astrid' and '2am' already making a mark, Polly Money debut EP is a true gift to come out of these unprecedented times.

Jester Society - i White Bravo!

Atmospheric electro-pop that is haunting yet intriguing from the London based Jester Society latest single 'i White Bravo!'

Originally from Italy, the band came together in 2018 creating a dark sound of merged electronica with hip-hop. Their latest track 'i White Bravo' follows up from their anticipated debut EP 'iHEIL DRAMA!' that gives us an insight of what we can expect from them in the future as they bring deep synthetic basses alongside shining synths.

With the influence of Billie Eilish to BROCKHAMPTON; Jester Society approach to electropop is becoming a one to keep your eyes on.

Noy Markel - Fill it With Love

A euphoric journey of the internal feeling of a new relationship from the New York-based singer-songwriter Noy Markel with her latest single 'Fill it With Love'.

Drawing inspirations from Tame Impala to Amy Winehouse, Noy Markel brings a nostalgic soundscape alongside haunting melodies, leading listeners into a rollercoaster of emotions. Since moving to New York at the age of eight, Noy Markel became instantly drawn to music that has led to the evolvement of her sound.

From her hit single 'Dazed in the Night' to working with DNMO, Noy Markel is now embarking a new journey that is heading for the stars.

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