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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Back and better than ever with some of our favourite hits of the week. From emotional slow burners to post-punk anthems; we have something for everyone.

Still Corners - 'Crying'

Taken from their upcoming album 'The Last Exit', Still Corners bring heartache yet hope to our doors.

Through spacious drums alongside intimate, bittersweet vocals, 'Crying' brings life to listeners as they remember that things will eventually pass. Speaking about the single, Teresa said: "The only constant in life is change, this song is about a breakup during a difficult time but, it's also about coping with a fast-moving uncertain world." With a beautifully crafted video that captures the true moment of life, Teresa added: "Our video shows the immense universe and inevitable change of the seasons. Everything is in flux and, that's the only thing that is certain."

With 'The Last Exit' due to be released early 2021, 'Crying' gives us an insight into what we can expect.

Sophie Doyle Ryder - Little Black Book

Rising Irish pop star, Sophie Doyle Ryder is back with a fierce yet cheeky single 'Little Black Book'.

Taking her love for Alicia Keys and Rihanna, Sophie has teamed up with Grammy-Nominated producer Billy Farrell that has led to 'Little Black Book - a glistening pop tune fulfilled with bold productions and commanding vocals.

Whilst many of us have spent lockdown procrastinating the ongoing situations we face; Sophie has grown into her own style of music that has led to infectious singles and drawn comparisons to Anne Marie.

Ynes x Girli - Pretty Sure (Remix)

Back in 2019, Ynes bought 'Pretty Sure' to our attention, but since working with powerhouse Girli, Ynes has bought a fresh look to 'Pretty Sure' that is twice as badass with twice as much empowerment.

Having delved in various creative outlets over the past years, Ynes have found her mark within the music industry and 'Pretty Sure (Remix)' proves that. Through rapturous vocals and post-punk beats, Ynes and Girli bring it to life as it comes together with detailed yet powerful lyricism. With the remix now out, Ynes is looking forward to her 'Sit Down, Grow Up' EP that will round off her first era.

From her planned headliner at Grey Lantern for Happy People Music to already focusing on new releases; Ynes is at the heart of pathing her own statement.

daste - either way

Australian trio daste, are back this week with a first peek of what we can expect from their debut album with 'either way'.

Co-written with Sydney artist Marina Doe, 'either way' delves into the constant struggle that we all have within society. Through interchanging chords alongside dark-light beats, daste bring it together with detailed lyricisms that portray the meaning of the single. Speaking about the song, daste added: "It’s also about recognising those troubles and taking them in your stride because even though it feels like everything might not be going the way you expected or maybe the worst day you’ve had in a while, the sun will rise either way. At the end of the day, it’s up to you on how you want to experience those kinds of days and you can choose to learn from them or let them swallow you whole.”

Already kicking off 2020 with the release of their second ep 'Same as It Ever Was' - daste are now embarking on a new journey that will see the release of their highly anticipated debut album.

SKAAR - The Scientist Cover

Paying tribute to Coldplay with her take on their classical hit 'The Scientist'; the rising Norwegian star strips it back to the core elements of heartbreak.

Offering something different to her multi-layered alt-pop, SKAAR's tender vocals alongside finessed piano chords bring heartfelt emotions of yearning for something that is lost forever. Speaking about the single, the artist said: "I’ve been thinking about covering Coldplay for a long time as they are one of my favourite bands, because they influenced me so much growing up and my music. I remember listening to ’The Scientist' every time I was sad or heartbroken, and it was one of the most important, songs that inspired me to make my own music."

With songs that are at the centre of her storytelling; from calling out a friend's cheating partner in 'Five Times' to struggling with anxiety in 'Pearls', SKAAR bring vulnerability yet growth to the forefront of her songs; a sign of greater things to come.

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