Vansleep - 'Oceans'

Upon their return to live music, Scotland’s latest risers, Vansleep, continue their high trajectory into music with the highly catchy, anthemic single 'Oceans'.

Following their debut EP, You Should Have Said Something, the Aberdeen alternative quartet found themselves taking a step back these past months as they venture new horizons and grow from the past. Though keeping quiet, Vansleep latest offering shows off their best work yet promises a future to keep your eyes on.

Embarked on loss & change and exploring the difficulties of getting caught up in what's around us, Vansleep carries the story from the get-go with pulsating riffs and the fast momentum of rousing drums. Whilst being washed away by the tendencies of infectious indie-rock, it's the ear-pleasing, powerful vocals that keep us wanting more.

With the teasing of new music and upcoming shows just around the corner, Vansleep are keeping their secrets of becoming one to watch close to them.

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