Vansleep Live from SWG3 Warehouse

Aberdeen based latest outfit Vansleep might not have had the audience to rock to, but their latest performance is a work of magic.

Set on the stage of SWG3, Glasgow, the four-piece indie-rockers set the warehouse alight with roaring, guitar-driven songs and addictive soundscapes that is too hard to ignore. As they go from supporting the likes of Vistas to packing out a hometown headline in Aberdeen before covid hit, Vansleep continues to embrace themselves as ones to watch with their first live performance in a year.

It was evident from the first minute of the show to the end that the band were eager to show their growth from the past year and even treated fans with brand new tracks that are going to expand their fanbase even wider.

Opening with the secrets of 'Oceans' to their debut single 'Get Up', Vansleep looked back at their past with the nostalgic rock 'The Way That You Move'. As we get into the full swing of the performance, fans enjoy the treat of the hit single 'Stargazer'. Soared by the pulsating bass with the dark, addictive undertones, the four young lads middle work is blended by the bittersweet 'Streetlights' and throwback track 'Lover' that fans surely enjoy.

In the end, the raw alt-rockers close the performance in style with two tracks, 'Acid Weather' and 'Chambers', both from their debut EP and follow suit with another unreleased track, 'Potions'.

With them jumping from the stage to the studio, Vansleep are sure ready to head to a stage near you.

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