Up and Coming: Kovic at The Joiners, Southampton

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

From his biggest single ‘Drown’ featuring on Fifa 18 soundtrack to now touring on his biggest tour to date across UK and Europe. Luckily, I had the chance to meet him and ask a couple of questions.

Kovic at The Joiners

1. First, can you tell me a little about your background and how you’ve broke into the music scene?

I started out in music on the acoustic open mic night circuit in Brighton. So, I went to university in Brighton and that’s where all my music background started really.

2. Who are your musical inspirations and who do you aspire to be?

Who do I aspire to be…that’s such a good question isn’t it? I find Ryan Tedder, current day because I think he’s incredible with his song writing. I think Freddie Mercury past because he was one of the most incredible global performance I’ve ever liked watched. And then if I’m still going by the end of Mick Jagger then I’ll be happy.

3. You released your first ever album ‘Running Underwater’ in 2018. How did that come along and what has it been like from then to now?

It’s been very exciting and very empowering because that album was released entirely independently. We done that with the team. Jordan who helps me with day to day running campaigns and helping with the label. Corrin Campbell who’s supporting tonight show, who’s also helping us with ads and running our promotion. And, then my brother Ben, who does a lot of the production. It’s a very exciting process for us to get an album out independently that’s done what it is done and for us to start being able to tour from the back of it – it’s a dream come true.

4. This is one of your biggest UK and European tours. What is it like as an artist to perform in front of thousands of fans and travelling across the world?

It is without a doubt the best part of the job. It’s a lot of fun! I make it a thing that after every time I perform we always dedicate time with supporters, shake hands and get the hugs out - it’s magic.

Best part of the job.

5. Your biggest single ‘Drown’ which featured on Fifa 18 official soundtrack and has over two million views on Youtube. Do you feel like that was your breakthrough into the music scene and how did that all come together?

In a way it was the breakthrough; it was the first thing we did that had a real mass reach. Interestingly, what we learnt is a song that had such a mass outreach doesn’t necessarily convert supporters to come the shows. It was a really beautiful thing and we’re very very lucky that the curators of Fifa decided to play that track, I’ll forever be grateful for that.

6. Last week you released your latest hit single ‘Falling’. What has the reaction been like and what inspired you to create the song?

The reactions have been great so far, we just put that out on our socials and people in our circle. It’s the first track from album number 2, so it’s very exciting to start that process.

7. Finally, what can we expect from you in the future, new single, album or any collaborations?

I’ve been wanting to do collaborations for a really long time and there’s loads in the pipeline. However, what you can expect is going to be lots of singles dropping. We are going to do a lot of touring, and more building our social media family and just cracking on.

The gig at The Joiners was his first date of a compelling tour and he didn’t upset his fans. Opening up the night with his hit single ‘Issues’ by walking through the crowd whilst the lights flashed across the audience. This was followed by ‘Running Underwater’ (title of his first ever album). Straight away we were shown the range of his vocals within two different songs.

As the night flowed into full swing, I noticed the band members were also his brother (Ben Kovic) and his Campaign Manager (Jordan Spowart). I could see how close they are and how commitment to what they do.

Kovic unapologetically showed off new songs. ‘Heartbroken’ even though slow, it still connected to the fans. Then his latest single ‘Falling’ which was only released a week ago, but already people knew the words. It really showed how close he was to his fans and even invited people to the stage for his song ‘If You Don’t Love Me’.

To end the night, he thanked fans supporting his first night of the tour. He even invited people to buy him a drink and to relish the times. He closed the gig with ‘Wires’ and his iconic single ‘Drown’, which went down as a storm.

It is no wonder the curator of Fifa 18 used his song, he sold out gigs across Europe and proved everyone he’s got a future in the music scene.

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