Underscore Part 3's Access All Areas is Live

The past week and this week, Underscore Part 3 and WFM Blog, have come together to create one-offs live shows - Access All Areas - with industry experts in support of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and Save Our Venues Trust.

The free shows which have already spanned across Underscore Part 3's Instagram, will also see a whole new range of experts this week that will give viewers an insight into how the music industry works and their successful journeys.

The live streams will be live at 8pm each night, as the founder of Underscore Part 3, James Wadsworth, will be asking questions you want to know with those who started their lives dreaming of making music their life and have succeeded.

From the enjoyment of your home and completely free; there are no excuses to miss these out.

With the likes of Scott Lewis (Founder and Owner of Clue Records) and Lindsay Melbourne (AF Gang Founder and music photojournalist) already allowing viewers into their lives; the likes of Frank Turner (singer and songwriter) and Abbie McCarthy (TV and Radio Presenter) are following their paths this week. With special appearances on the 15th July and 16th July, viewers are in for a special night and not one to be missed. Don't forget this week will also see the likes of Matthew Hogarth (Publishing and Artist Liason at Sentric Music) and Katie Tavini (Mastering Engineer at Universal Music/Decca Records). There's a bit for everyone, and it's something we will be tuning in.

As the global pandemic takes a toll on the difficult task of making a living in music, host James Wadsworth said of the events: "As an editor and a freelance PR I often see bands unable to achieve their potential because they don't understand the industry and this is what we hope to help them grasp."

With Access All Areas underway; Underscore Part 3 working alongside WFM Blog, are lifting the myths and empowering the next generation of industry hopefuls and musicians. With continuous support and raising funds throughout July for CALM and Save our Venues Trust, Underscore Part 3 care about mental health as much as they care about live music and believe to show their passion to promote and support both causes.

Don't forget to check out their social media for the latest updates and importantly don't miss out these one-off live streams.

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