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South coast indie-rock four-piece TV COMA slap us in the face with their break-up song 'Congratulations'.

Written immediately after a messy split, the track reminisces the fiery farewell with a past love, but still dwells on escaping an ex in the digital age.

Back with a bang, the lead singer, Leo Troy, uses his vocals to spits lyrics of cutting sarcasm and self-awareness throughout; which is exaggerated through the electrifying fusion of elastic basslines that reminisces early Blur and boisterous bravado and assertive choral hooks of Weezer at their peak.

Speaking about 'Congratulations', vocalist Leo says: "It's about the unexplored paradigms of modern relationships. As the first humans to publically document relationships, millennials were pioneers in dealing with the psychological impact of social media on modern-day love. Congratulations explore the aftermath of this: how hard it is to get over someone when there's a 24/7 feed of what they're doing just a click away when you see that person with another person, followed by a unique kind of acceptance.”

The song is fused with thunderous rhythms and toxic ripostes, that furthers a journey of a relationship that is the heart of the track. 'Congratulations' is a rollercoaster of emotions and takes listeners into a rock-indie meltdown.

Produced and mastered by Neil Kennedy and Pete Lyman, 'Congratulations' (recorded at The Ranch Studios in Southampton) sees TV COMA embark on a journey that will see them releasing their upcoming debut album: WUSS, this Autumn.

TV COMA have become a power-pop band that has gained worldwide attention and coverage across the board from the likes of Spotify's "Hot New Bands" playlist and BBC Introducing; creating an exciting journey for them.