Troye Sivan: In a Dream Review - Hypnotic, Experimental and Pioneering

Australia's artistic export returns to the music scene with creative flair and contemporary storytelling in his new concept EP In a Dream.

The postmodern pop star used the Coronavirus pandemic as a channel for new music, releasing the album's lead single Take Yourself Home on a whim. After the huge success of Sivan's second studio album Bloom, the singer had exceptional expectations to exceed, especially after a two-year hiatus sprinkled with collaborations and touring.

With 7 years in the music business, Troye is a veteran at this point in his career with two studio albums and five extended plays. Across this period, Sivan has evolved and flourished as an artist and performer. His music continues to capture the modern perspective, exploring new themes of sexuality, growth and love through electropop beats and experimental choices.

In a Dream exudes emotion and spirit: a small collection of stories told through comprehensive lyrics and synth-pop production. While fans will be sad that the EP only includes 6 tracks, they still advertise Sivan's extensive work ethic and research into 21st Century pop.

In a statement about the EP, the singer described it's creation during an "emotional rollercoaster period in my life when the feelings and thoughts were shockingly fresh". This is evident in Sivan's lyrics which are direct and daring, making each song bold in construction and presentation.

His ambition and desire to communicate queer storylines in his music, something which made Bloom stand out in a mass of mainstream pop albums, is again a prime factor, making this EP his most personal and extraordinary collection yet.

If anything, In a Dream proves that Troye Sivan is still at his A-Game despite being quiet for a number of years. His innovative musical genius and confidence with storytelling illustrate that the 25-year-old singer-songwriter is the perfect depiction of a modern artist but also shows that he has so much more to give to the transformative pop genre that is sure to break boundaries in years to come.

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