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Trafton - 'Black Water'

Dreamy yet haunting from the rising producer and artist Trafton who delves into the fear of one's own deepest desires within 'Black Water'.

Produced with Luke Davis, 'Black Water' bounds down to a series of genres that spans between reverb-soaked synth alongside percussive hits. With a dark yet mesmerising production, listeners are captivated by the artist's hazy vocals; bringing the whole track together.

"Black Water is about conflicting images of the self and the fear of one's own deepest desires... reaching a tension so that everything stops," explained Trafton. "To me, it feels like the eye of a great storm... a surreal moment of profound rarity and significance that I tried to bring to life through the production." With such a unique sound, Trafton finds closure for himself and for the listeners who give him a chance.

Climbing from New England, the self-taught producer has had already a successful career but has left space to continue to grow within 2021.