Tourists - Another State

Not to be mistaken with the 1970s British rock band, 5-piece Tourists from Torquay have released their debut album Another State, and it demonstrates flawlessly their musical talents and, songwriting abilities. Their Tame Impala-esque sound enables an exploration of timbres, vocals and rhythms that are incredibly addictive and contribute to the success that is Another State.

Genre-blurring is the most suitable descriptor of Another State. Opening with ‘Silent Type’, the album begins intriguingly, with a driving electric guitar riff which is impossible to enjoy at a quiet volume; to fully appreciate the timbres exhibited, the loudest volume possible is best. Despite the guitar riffs being the main focal point of the song and thus most memorable, it is hard to dismiss the vocals which fade in and out in a mysterious fashion. These elements align most to the dream-pop genre, however, with the experimentation of themes and timbres throughout Another State, it is not easy to place the album into one defined category.

As each song progresses into another, more and more timbres are explored, which is most evident in ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Align’. The latter following the track’s opener makes for an interesting, listen. Minor inflections in the vocals are easily distinguishable from ‘Silent Type’, however, the strong emphasis on the guitar riffs presents a definite overlap with the album’s opener. ‘Black Friday’ also stands uniquely from the rest of Another State, being one of the shortest tracks on the album and filled with experimental timbres and ideas.

Despite the successes of ‘Black Friday’ and the timbre experimentation evident throughout, it remains difficult to distinguish from each track. Listening from track 1, ‘Silent Type’, all the way through to the album’s title track, ‘Another State’, it’s almost impossible to determine when one song ends and, another begins. Perhaps this was a stylistic choice, and the album is designed to be listened to as one, long extended piece. However, unfortunately, it becomes tiresome. By the time you near the end of Another State, with penultimate track ‘Perception Management’, it is easy to become bored as you wait for something more, or something different. Luckily, the album’s title track acts as the ideal closer to Another State and ultimate solution to this problem.

‘Another State’ opens similarly to many other tracks on the album, with repetitive guitar riffs and vocals echoing in and out of focus, however, it is around 4 minutes into the song which is most surprising and most satisfying as a listener. As the intriguing background noise of seagulls permeates through the speakers, it is easy to feel as though you are nearing the end of a journey - one which Tourists have taken you along over 10 feel-good tracks. A sense of ambience is achieved, in ‘Another State’ which is definitely needed, after the previous chaotic, noise-driven songs.

If you are looking to get stuck into some easy-listening tunes this winter, Tourists’ Another State is the perfect album to do so. Despite its repetitions, the band succeed in showcasing their experimental, distinctive abilities and should definitely be on your radars.

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