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Toria Wooff - 'James Edward'

Lancashire based Toria Wooff rises to the occasion with the soft yet flaunting single 'James Edward'.

Structured by the American ballad soundscapes, Toria shares her influences of country-folk blended by the specifically chosen 70's inspired vocals and productions. With the overall delicate concoction of sounds, Wooff individual artistry is evident within the tones of 'James Edward'.

Delved into finding refinement within the dark places, the rising singer-songwriter shares unique stories of what's around her, and her latest work is no different. Speaking about the literal and figurative tale, Wooff noted: "It describes being with someone who wants to stick around you, even when you feel you’re not that interesting or easily distracted by other things. It’s like returning from a long trip, and that person is still there, waiting for you."

Following the embers of her EP Badlands, Toria Wooff is ready for her next adventure and 'James Edward' leads the way.